CO2 Removal Challenge - Call for participants


Sunday, November 12, 2023 (All day)


Conference Center Meeting Room 1 (OIST)



Call for participants to join the CO2 Removal Challenge 2023 co-organised by OIST Innovation and Lifetime Ventures.

​This 2-day Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) design hackathon empowers next-generation climate enthusiasts to explore their innovative ideas with guidance from climate experts.

[Application by November 12th, Apply here!]


The Challenge 

​DACC is one of the promising solutions to remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere. While some approaches have been proposed, the key challenge is producing systems more affordably and with greater scalability.

​During this challenge, you, as a team of 2-3 will:

  • ​learn about the existing DACC efforts
  • ​design your own DACC solutions with the help of climate experts
  • ​propose how your solution can be cheaper and more scalable than existing alternatives

​Event Details 

​Topic: CO2 Removal through DACC
Partners: DAC CoalitionOpen Air Collective
Location: Conference Center Meeting Room 1 (OIST)
Date: December 2-3
Language: English

​Participant Benefits 

  1. ​Connect and work alongside a vibrant community of climate enthusiasts around Japan
  2. ​Learn and get feedback from seasoned experts at organisations such as Open Air Collective or DAC Coalition
  3. ​2 days of action, food, drinks, and the chance to win a prize for the challenge winner
  4. ​We are offering 2 travel awards to student applicants who are based outside of Okinawa covering flight & accommodation expenses!
  5. ​Participation certificate issued by Lifetime Ventures and OIST Innovation

​Who can participate? 

​Researchers, young professionals, students, and other climate enthusiasts who want to:

  • ​proactively tackle the climate crisis (no prior DACC knowledge required, but preferred)
  • ​contribute to the global open-source DACC efforts
  • ​connect with likeminded, entrepreneurial peers
  • ​learn from climate experts
  • ​have fun along the way

​You ideally:

  • ​have a background in natural sciences, chemistry, engineering, and or business
  • ​can join in person for the whole challenge
  • ​are up for a fun challenge!

​Application Details 

​Deadline: November 12th (Apply here!)
Acceptance decision: November 15th (via Email)


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