Gender Equality division plans various programs and activities to promote gender equality.

1) Outreach
2) Networking and Collaboration
3) Career Development Seminars and Workshops
4) Distinguished Speakers Series
5) Training

1) Outreach

Support for female students studying mathematics and science.
Workshops for female secondary school students in Okinawa to promote their interest in science and research, and to support their career choice.
 - Science Project for Ryukyu Girls
 - Female researchers, technicians and PhD students build relationship with female elementary, junior and high school students during open campus to promote the merits of careers in science and introduce their research activities.

- Introduce the support system for female researchers and female students at OIST to the students who visit OIST.


サイエンスプロジェクトfor琉球ガールズ@OISTオープンキャンパス    サイエンスプロジェクトfor琉球ガールズ本島編2015年3月  サイエンスプロジェクトfor琉球ガールズin宮古島 2015年8月  

2) Networking and Collaboration

Q-wea is the network of universities in Kyushu and Okinawa for the purpose of supporting female researchers. Q-wae symposium is held annually where members discuss their activities and exchange information, ideas, and views.


Members are:

Oita University

Kagoshima University

Kyushu University

Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kyushu Sangyo University

Kumamoto University

Saga University

Nagasaki University

Fukuoka University

Fukuoka Women's University

University of Miyazaki

University of the Ryukyus



On November 11th, OIST Diversity Section and University of the Ryukyus Gender Equality Promotion Office co-hosted “the 8th Annual Q-wea Symposium in Okinawa” at the University of the Ryukyus. The Q-wea symposium ended successfully as it was attended by over 120 participants. For more information on the 8th Annual Q-wea Symposium in Okinawa, please check the report.


3) Career Development Seminars and Workshops

A range of seminars/workshops for administrative staff and young researchers to assist with their career development.

-Career Building Workshops by Dr. Geraldine Richmond (2015.5.25-27)


-Career Advancement Seminar for Female Administrative Staff (2015.11.19)
-Diversity management as part of an organization’s strategic plan (2015.11.20)
-A Seminar on unconscious bias for faculty by Dr.Yael Levitte (2015.12.3)
-Lecture: "Gender Equality in STEM Research and Education at US Universities" by Dr. Yael Levitte (2015.12.4)
-The 3rd OIST Innovation Seminar Series Lecture: 'A Physicist’s Journey: Transitioning from Academia to Industry' by Dr. Nancy Hecker-Denschlag (2016.2.23) *co-organized with Office for Sustainable Development of Okinawa

 - Let's talk with Naoko Yamazaki (2014.8.2)
 - Gender Equality - The Swedish Experience (2014.9.26)
 - Informal talk with Sarah Caplin (2014.10.22)
 - Career design seminar by Yoko Kobayashi (2014.12.11)
 - Gender Equality Seminar by Dr. Traweek (2015.3.23)


  4) Distinguished Speakers Series

-1st Lecture: 'Women of Action in Okinawa and Expectations for OIST' by Dr. Hiroko Sho (2015.11.24)
-2nd Lecture: 'Frontiers of Marine Science' by Dr. Margaret Leinen (2016.5.30) *co-organized with Marine Biophysics Unit
-3rd Lecture: 'Is this cell a man or a woman?: The importance of studying both men and women' by Dr. Florence Haseltine (2016.10.28) *co-organized with Technology Development and Innovation Center

5) Training

A number of training program are avairable for OIST staff to improve and expand their awareness and knowledge of diversity and gender equality issues in workplace.

 HR Training & Development Team (OIST HR Training Page) :
        - Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (required)
           Please take the training on Sakai Learning (or eFront) Management System.

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