OIST Workshops 2024/2025

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*OIST Workshops are held in accordance to the Japanese fiscal year, starting April 1st of the ongoing and ending March 31st of the following calendar year.

Title Dates Main Organizer(s) from OIST Workshop Type Venue Info

Ultracold Atoms Japan 2024

2024-04-09, Tue - 2024-04-12, Fri Thomas Busch (Quantum Systems Unit) Course OIST Seaside House, OIST Main Campus Seminar Room B250 (April 10, AM sessions)  

Current Advances in Turbulence and multiphase flowS - 24CATS

2024-04-16, Tue - 2024-04-19, Fri

Complex Fluids and Flows Unit (Marco Edoardo Rosti) Symposium 4/16 Seminar Room B250 (Main Campus); 4/17-4/19 Seaside House - Seminar Room  

OIST-CNRS Joint Symposium on West Pacific Marine Biology

2024-04-22, Mon - 2024-04-26, Fri Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit (Vincent Laudet) Symposium

OIST Conference Center (Auditorium+Meeting Rooms)


Quantum Technologies with Floating Charged Particles

2024-05-28, Tue - 2024-05-31, Fri Quantum Dynamics Unit (Denis Konstantinov) Symposium OIST Seaside House  
OIST Computational Neuroscience Course (OCNC 2024) 2024-06-17, Mon - 2024-07-04, Thu Erik De Schutter (Computational Neuroscience Unit) Course OIST Seaside House  

1st OIST-Oxford-SLMath Summer Graduate School on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

2024-07-29, Mon - 2024-08-09, Fri Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Unit (Ugur Abdulla) Course OIST Seaside House  

Okinawa School in Physics 2024: Coherent Quantum Dynamics (CQD)

2024-09-25, Wed - 2024-10-03, Thu

Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies Unit (Síle Nic Chormaic)

Course OIST Seaside House (Seminar Room B250 (1 day))  

EMBO Workshop "Axonal Degeneration and Regeneration"

2024-10-06, Sun - 2024-10-10, Thu Molecular Neuroscience Unit (Marco Terenzio) Symposium OIST Seaside House and Main Campus  

Quantum Extreme Universe: Matter, Information and Gravity 2024

2024-10-21, Mon - 2024-10-25, Fri Qubits and Spacetime Unit (Philipp Höhn) Symposium Main Campus, Seminar Room B250   

OIST Workshop "Principles of Synapse Organization and Neural Network Regulation Gained Through Evolution"

2024-11-05, Tue - 2024-11-07, Thu Synapse Biology Unit (Yukiko Goda) Symposium OIST Seaside House    

From Quantum Materials to Quantum Information: Symposium on Trans-Scale Quantum Science and Quantum Materials Synthesis (QMQI2024)

2024-11-11, Mon - 2024-11-15, Fri Theory of Quantum Matter Unit (Nic Shannon) Symposium OIST Seaside House and OIST Main Campus  

LeviNet-OIST Workshop "Schrödinger Cats - The Quest to Find the Edge of the Quantum World"

2024-12-09, Mon - 2024-12-13, Fri Quantum Machines Unit (Jason Twamley) Symposium OIST Main Campus, Sydney Brenner Lecture Theater (B250)   

OIST Machine Learning Workshop

2025-03-03, Mon - 2025-03-05, Wed Machine Learning and Data Science Unit (Makoto Yamada) Symposium OIST Conference Center (Auditorium+Meeting Rooms)  

Foundations and Future of Spinal cord Research

2025-03-11, Tue - 2025-03-14, Fri Yutaka Yoshida (Neural Circuits Unit) Symposium OIST Conference Center (Auditorium+Meeting Rooms)