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Welcome to the Conference and Workshop Section

Who are We – Our Portfolio

The OIST Conference and Workshop Section:

  • supports the work of the Conference & Workshop Committee (CWC).
  • manages OIST-funded meetings and their logistics.
  • assists in attracting and hosting large international conferences.
  • provides one-stop consultation services for preparing academic events at OIST.
  • helps faculty in obtaining grants and sponsorship for their meetings.
  • oversees external events (rental of conference facilities).
  • offers campus tours for academic visitors.

About OIST-funded meetings 

OIST Workshops” are used as a vehicle to provide training in advanced scientific techniques and to share new discoveries at the cutting edge of science. One of the main goals is to expose participants at OIST Workshops to a wide range of scientific approaches and a broad overview of the field of research. By inviting some of the most prominent researchers from around the world, and offering eager workshop participants the unique opportunity to observe the latest advances in science, OIST Workshops strive to become a hub for scientific exchange between Asia and the rest of the world.

OIST Mini Symposia” – a small-scale symposium with the duration of 2-3 days – offer OIST faculty members the opportunity to organize meetings on a short notice, providing them with support to conduct meetings to discuss new developments in their field of research, to share new discoveries at the cutting edge of science with researchers from other institutions from Japan and abroad, and provide them with support for starting up new research collaborations.

The role of the Conference and Workshop Section is to support all aspects of the “OIST Workshops” and “OIST Mini Symposia” organized by OIST Faculty.

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One-stop Consultation Services for Your Event 

The Conference & Workshop Section can also offer advice and consultation on a wider range of topics.

We can:

  • help select the most suitable venue for your event.
  • give advice on handling and arranging event logistics (transportation, accommodation, food, etc.).
  • provide technical training and best-practices advice on how to set-up and use OIST venues (Auditorium, Sydney Brenner Lecture Theater, etc.).
  • help conduct tests for online and hybrid-events using Zoom.
  • provide Zoom-Webinar accounts and training on how to set up (OIST-members only).

To request a consultation, contact us via our ServiceNow inquiry form (OIST-members; login required).
External users can send us an email to

Using OIST Venues for Your Event

Apart from the “OIST Workshops” and “OIST Mini Symposia”, OIST hosts various types of international workshops to enhance cooperation with Japanese and overseas research and academic institutions in order to pursue world-class research and education in science and technology in Okinawa. Another objective of OIST is to actively contribute to the sustainable development of the region. To facilitate these objectives, OIST offers state-of-the-art facilities for research, comfortable and convenient lodging for visiting professors and exchange students, and attractive and functional venues for international symposia, workshops, and industrial-related and community-related events. For information on how to apply for the usage of OIST facilities, please see our conference venue website.

General Contact: For more details regarding our section, please send an email to workshop[at] (replace [at] with @) or call us at +81-(0)98-966-2391 (office hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00-17:00 JST).

Conference and Workshop Section Leader
Youhei Morita <youhei.morita [at]>
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Latest Posts

  • Beware! Hotel and Travel Agency Scammers

    Be Aware of Travel Arrangement Scam!

    Workshop organizers and invited speakers are often contacted by number of "travel agencies" to which OIST is not related, based on the publicly available information on the web.

    Please refrain from replying to those agencies unless OIST organizers or secretariat have explicitly contacted you beforehand.

    When in doubt, please send a copy of any email communication to OIST Conference and Workshop Section

  • COVID-19: Updated Information for Conference and Workshop Guests and Organizers (Feb 28, 2020)

    Update for Workshop Organizers, Guests and Visitors to OIST

    In response to national guidelines on the COVID-19 coronavirus issued on Feb 26, 2020, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) is now adopting the following measures:


    Advice for Workshop Organizers, Guests and Visitors to OIST

    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University looks forward to welcoming you to our campus and conference facilities. 

    Since the new coronavirus (COVID-19) was first reported in Wuhan we have been providing regular public health information to our faculty, staff and students. We have also been issuing regular reminders – repeated below – of the measures people can take to limit the spread of infection.