OIST Workshops

Every year OIST hosts international workshops and summer/winter courses – “OIST Workshops” – offering a wide range of scientific approaches and a broad overview of the according field of research. OIST Workshops not only aim to play an important role in the education of young scientists, but also to enhance cooperation with research and academic institutions in Japan and overseas. These educational activities also actively contribute to the promotion of the OIST Graduate school to the worldwide scientific community, by attracting young researchers to participate in a big variety of educational activities.

Upcoming OIST Workshops:

Title Starts Organizer Application Deadline
OIST Workshop "Recent Trends in Microrheology and Microfluidics" 2023-01-10 Amy Shen (Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit) 2022-06-24
OIST Workshop "Nervous System Assembly" 2023-03-06 Yoshida Yutaka (Neural Circuits Unit) 2022-11-30
Women at the Intersection of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Meet in Okinawa 2023-03-20 Reiko Toriumi (Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory Unit) 2023-01-01
OIST Workshop "Invitation to Recursion, Resurgence, and Combinatorics" 2023-04-04 Reiko Toriumi, Nicholas Delporte (Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory Unit); Kento Osuga (University of Tokyo) 2022-12-31
OIST Workshop "Potential theory and random walks in metric spaces" 2023-05-30 Xiaodan Zhou (Analysis on Metric Spaces) 2023-01-15
OIST Workshop "Representation Theory of Hecke Algebras and Categorification" 2023-06-05 Liron Speyer (Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics Unit) 2023-02-05
OIST Summer Graduate School "Analysis and Partial Differential Equations" 2023-06-12 Ugur Abdulla (Analysis and Partial Differential Equations) 2023-02-05
OIST Computational Neuroscience Course (OCNC) 2023 2023-06-19 Erik De Schutter (Computational Neuroscience) 2023-01-31
Okinawa School in Physics 2023: Coherent Quantum Dynamics (CQD) 2023-09-26 Thomas Busch (Quantum Systems Unit) 2023-05-31
OIST Workshop on the Evolutionary Analysis of Morphology 2023-10-17 Evan Economo (Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit) 2023-06-19
OIST Workshop "Geometric Aspects of Partial Differential Equations" 2024-01-15 Qing Liu (Geometric Partial Differential Equations Unit) 2023-09-17