Language Education Section

Fall Language Section Event: Languagepalooza!

Are you interested in practicing Japanese or English but don’t have the time or opportunities during your workday?

Are you currently attending language classes and you’d like more of an opportunity to practice casual speech?

Are you new on campus and just want to meet some other members of the OIST community?

Then come to the Language Section’s fall event, Languagepalooza!

Enjoy the casual atmosphere of Seaside Lounge and a potluck-style meal to go with your language practice. We’ll provide the structure and the conversation topics, so even if your level of English or Japanese is quite low, you’ll be able to communicate with many people. You might even come out of the event with a new friend or language exchange partner.

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Detailed Information:

When: Monday, October 21st 2019 from 6-8 PM. Remember, the 22nd is a holiday!

Where: Seaside Lounge (Seaside House floor 2)

Who: Anyone who wants to practice English or Japanese

What else: Bring some food (appetizer, main dish, dessert or drink).



 English Language Instructor Bios 

OIST provides a wide variety of English Language courses to meet the needs of OIST’s diverse international student body, researchers, administrative staff, and family members. All courses include reading, writing, speaking, and listening components, and are designed to encourage teamwork and active participation. Authentic materials are included, such as videos, audio recordings, and newspaper articles, to provide students with real-world examples relevant to their roles at OIST.

Contact: Margaret Howell,, 098-966-1638


 Japanese Language Instructor Bios |   Japanese Language Program

The Japanese Language staff are conducting Japanese language courses for all OIST members - students, researchers, faculty,  administrative staff, and family members. The courses range from basic to advanced, focusing on fundamental communication skills. All courses include instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Extra-curricular activities are also held to help participants adjust to the customs and culture of their new surroundings.

Contact: SACHIKO.SEGAWA@OIST.JP, 098-966-8607