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Language classes moving offline

It is a great relief to inform you that we have taken the decision to offer classes in person this semester. From the week of October 17th, language classes will start being offered in-person.

All English classes will be offered in-person from October 17th in C600B

Due the large number of students studying Japanese we would like to reduce the risk of exposure for everyone. We will be following the schedule below for the remainder of the semester.

Please note that in order to offer in-person classes we require all students to adhere to the following three rules:

  1. Wear a mask at all times.
  2. Sanitize hands on entering the classroom.
  3. Keep a social distance of one meter.

We are very excited to see you face-to-face again.

Please be aware that we will be following the OIST COVID policy, and that classes may return to an on-line format if conditions are deemed unsafe.

Registration update

The registration policy from the previous semester will still be in effect. When you register for Japanese courses, you will be asked whether you are a continuing student from the previous semester, new to the language program or a student who dropped out previous previously and is now rejoining.

In order to offer everyone a fair chance to learn Japanese, we will give enrollment priority to students who completed the course previous semester and are taking a class for the first time. If you previously dropped out of a class or are a research intern/visiting researcher in residence for less than 6 months, your ability to join that class will depend on their being seats available after new and continuing students have been enrolled.

Please remember that registering for a class in the system is not the final step of enrollment. You are officially enrolled in the class once you receive a confirmation email from your teacher after the end of the registration period.

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 English Language Instructor Bios 

OIST provides a wide variety of English Language courses to meet the needs of OIST’s diverse international student body, researchers, administrative staff, and family members. All courses include reading, writing, speaking, and listening components, and are designed to encourage teamwork and active participation. Authentic materials are included, such as videos, audio recordings, and newspaper articles, to provide students with real-world examples relevant to their roles at OIST.


Justin Foster-Sutherland 098-966-1638



 Japanese Language Instructor Bios

The Japanese Language staff are conducting Japanese language courses for all OIST members - students, researchers, faculty,  administrative staff, and family members. The courses range from basic to advanced, focusing on fundamental communication skills. All courses include instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Extra-curricular activities are also held to help participants adjust to the customs and culture of their new surroundings.