Public School Enrollment Information

Kindergarten Enrollment

Eligible families receive the application form for Japanese kindergarten in the mail around September/October. If you wish to enroll your child at Onna Kindergarten (if you are living in Onna school district), this application letter marks the beginning of that process. The process will be similar in other school districts in Okinawa.


Local international schools also begin to accept applications for their kindergarten programs around this time. Be advised that for some international schools, students at their attached kindergarten are given priority enrollment for elementary school. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information regarding international kindergarten options and enrollment.

Elementary School First Grade Enrollment

If your child will be entering 1st grade in April, you will receive a notification from the village office. Elementary school is compulsory in Japan, and your child will be enrolled in a school near where you live. Please see here for more information about catchment areas.

 The enrollment process for new 1st graders is below.

*The postcard has the name of your child’s school on it. Please check it carefully.