English Class Schedule

Fall 2020 (September 14- December 11, 2020)

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*Please note: English courses at OIST are available for OIST staff, students, and their immediate families*


Detailed Course Information

Class Textbook Topics covered
Basic Business English

International Express : Beginner

(ISBN: 978-0-19-441828-7)

Unit 7 & 8 in the book. Speaking about flying and airports, hotel and things from the past. Writing emails, checking information and making requests.
Basic Grammar

Oxford English Grammar Course Basic: Student Book with CD-ROM

(ISBN : 9780194420785)

Section 21 and 22: Prepostions and spoken grammar. The final two chapters of the book.
Pre-Intermediate Conversation

Stretch 2 Student Book (ISBN: 978-0-19-460313-3) &

Stretch 2 Workbook (ISBN: 978-0-19-460325-6)


Unit 7, 8 and 9. Speaking about the weather, everyday activities and school subjects. Looking at speaking skills of confirming understanding, apologizing and softening opinions.
Intermediate Conversation

Pathways 2nd Edition: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking 2 (ISBN: 978-1337562522)


Unit 1 and 2. Speaking about healthy lives and technology. Looking at the speaking skills of keeping a conversation going and giving reasons.
Upper-Intermediate Business English

International Express : Upper Intermediate

(ISBN: 978-0-19-441827-0)

Unit 1 and 2. Speaking about social mediam resources, rules and limits. Looking at prefixes, conversational strategies, report writing, clarifying and making a good impression.
Upper-Intermediate Conversation

Pathways 3 (ISBN 10: 9781337407731)

Chapters 4 and 5 in the book: speaking about nature and the earth; speaking about different ways of working and job-related topics.
Advanced Grammar

Oxford Grammar Course: Advanced (ISBN 10: 019431250X)

Sections 11 and 12 in the book: determiners and quantifiers, adjectives and adverbs.
Advanced Business English

Business One:One Advanced (ISBN 10: 0194576817)

Managing people, managing projects, meetings and presentations, business socializing, and email. Every semester students choose the topics that are most useful for them.
English for Admin Staff no textbook Students choose the topics. We alternate between 1 week of email and 1 week of conversational Business English.
Let's talk about the news no textbook Every week students discuss current events from Japanese and international news. No registration required!
Seminar no textbook

Different topics every week. Topics will include:

Describing Culture: Sep 18

Managing Interucltural Introductions: Sep 25 & Oct 2

Communicating Effectively Across Cultures: Oct 9 & 16

Managing Intercultural Meetings: Oct 23 & 30

Fundamentals of Academic Writing: Nov 6,13,20 & 27

Building Intercultural Relationships: Dec 4 &11