OIST International Classroom

English Language Arts classes:

The English language arts program that was previously run from the International Classroom in Onna Elementary, is now operating in an afterschool capacity from Seaside House. This program offers English-language supplementary support for eligible students. The curriculum covers language arts topics such as reading, writing, spelling, critical thinking, and projects.

The aim of the program is to supplement home-based English education that aims to keep children at grade level in schools in their home country to provide for an easier academic transition when they leave Okinawa.

The classes currently are held in Seaside House in a room within School-Aged Program (SAP) space. Students attend four 25-minute sessions a week after school hours. Enrollment in SAP is not necessary to access these classes.


Eligible students for this program include those who previously participated in the International Classroom at Onna Elementary School, those currently participating in that program, or who would have been participating if the English program was still operating. This includes students who would previously have been able to transfer to Onna Elementary, from other districts, to attend the International Classroom.

Students who are not eligible:

  • Students currently receiving education in English (e.g. those attending International Schools where English is the medium of instruction)
  • Students currently receiving education in their native language (e.g. a French child attending a school where French is the medium of instruction; a Japanese child attending Japanese public school)

Registration of interest:

Please click here to register your interest in the OIST International Classroom, English language arts program. Places in the program are subject to availability, which will be clarified in the acknowledgement of your registration via email.