Open Campus 2015


This year over 5000 people came to join the event and more than 200 OIST staff member greeted the guests. It turned out to be a successful event. We will see you again next year!

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LECTURES(Target Age: over 12 years old)

1.  10:30~11:30 "Beautiful Stars of Okinawa"  @Auditorium
Speaker:Mr. Takeshi Miyaji (Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory)
We are able to see many beautiful stars in Okinawa which you can’t see in mainland Japan, especially in the Yaeyama region, including Ishigaki Island. Here we can observe the Southern Cross, which cannot be seen in any other areas of Japan. I will introduce some observations from the radio telescope and Murikabushi Telescope, which are located at the National Astronomical Observatory on Ishigaki Island, and show you some of the beautiful stars in Okinawa.

2.  12:00~13:00   "The Mathematics of Hiking, Bracelets and DNA" @Auditorium
Speaker:Prof. Robert Sinclair (Mathematical Biology Unit)
When hiking along mountain trails, both the upward and also the downward slopes are tiring. The difficulty of a trail comes from these sloping sections, but there is also a mathematical side. If we start and finish our hike at the same place, the total ascent must equal the total descent, and that is an exact equation! We can think of a bracelet with coloured beads as such a hiking trail, but through a space of colours, and once again we meet equations. Finally, we can imagine hiking through our DNA. The equations we get here can tell us where different pieces come from, and reveal something of human history.

3.  14:00~15:00  "Orion, the Pride of Okinawa" @Auditorium
Speaker:Mr. Takeshi Miyaji (Director of Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory)
In Okinawa you can see many beautiful stars, more than anywhere else in Japan. I will introduce some constellations which we are proud of in Okinawa, including the well-known winter constellation, Orion. After the talk, I hope you will be able to enjoy the winter night sky, with an Orion beer in your hand.

4.  15:30~16:30  "Understanding and Managing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)" @Auditorium
Speaker:Prof. Gail Tripp (Human Developmental Neurobiology Unit)
In this talk we will describe ADHD, review its possible causes, and discuss strategies for managing the challenges it presents for children, families and teachers. This will include information about the work of the OIST Children’s Research Center.


5.  At All Time "Cutting-edge Research Equipments at OIST"  @ C209 Seminar Room
Speaker:Dr. Mizuki Shimanuki (OIST Biology Resources Section Manager)
Advanced technology is essential for research. Plain and clear explanation/introduction will be given on the cutting-edge research equipment used at OIST.

Science Cafe(Target Age: over 16 years old)

Do you have questions about science? Here is your chance to meet with scientists! You can enjoy casual conversation with scientists in a cafe.
Ticket Distribution Schedule: 1st Session-11:30  2nd Session-13:30  (first-come, first-served

"Powers of Ten: Human's Knowledge and its Future" ※Only in Japanese
Speaker:Dr.Youhei Morita (Section Leader of Conference and Workshop Section and Associate Vice President for CPR)
People have been solving lots of mysteries of the universe and the nature by building massive accelerators, launching space telescopes, and making electron microscopes. Let’s look at small numbers that are carried by “10”, and think about how these numbers can explain us the world.

"Will we be able to cure all brain cognitive and memory diseases during the 21st century?" ※Japanese & English
Speaker:Dr.Zacharie Taoufiq (Staff Scientist, Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function Unit)
Brain cognitive pathologies account for a high personal and societal burden in developed countries. In Europe alone, it is estimated that direct and indirect costs of dementia represent more than 170 billion euros per year. In Japan in particular, more than 4.5 million people are living with dementia, and this number is expected to rise significantly as the population ages.Despite significant efforts during the last decade, to date, there are still no available drug treatments that efficiently cure or reverse these diseases. Why is it so difficult? How can we overcome this challenge?

Science Program (For All Ages)

See and listen! Understanding perception through illusion   
I can’t believe my eyes… Let’s understand why we see illusions!

Magic Tricks with Common Liquids 
Science wizards wanted. Come see what's cooking in our kitchen as we show how liquids can act like solids or climb, and how to make nylon fibers!

Observation of Nematode C. Elegans 
Observation of Nematode C. elegans. Do you know what it is? Let’s see how it moves!

What Does it Take to Withstand an Earthquake?  
Come and find out how buildings withstand earthquakes! Try your own building design and see what happens!

Underwater Exploration  
Out in the ocean where it’s too deep to dive, scientists use remotely-operated robots to study the seafloor and animals that live in the depths. For one day, let’s become the driver of an underwater robot and explore the underwater world!

Wonders of Ants 
Did you know that thare are over 10,000 species of ants? There are many interesting facts about ants. For example, ants are known to be social insects thus they live in several colonies where they socialize and benefit from each other. Let's explore the wonders of ants!

10 Quesstions for You to Think: Where is Science and Technology Heading to? 
How can we utilize science and technology to progress our life? What do you mean by progress anyway? Share your oppinions with others, and you can see real-time oppinions of others.

Forensic Science: (scrape, stain and observe cells from your mouth, or from an onion…)  
Explore the microscopic world! Look at cells under a microscope! Cells from your mouth, or from an onion.
Ticket Distribution Schedule: AM Session-10:10  PM Session-12:30  (first-come, first-served) 

Live Cell Observation and Image Acquisition Under Fluorescence Microscope  
Watch living cells fluoresce under a fluorescence microscope!
※First come with current High School Student ID first serve
Ticket Distribution Schedule: AM Session-10:10  PM Session-12:30  (first-come, first-served

Experience -196 Degree World with Liquid Nitrogen 
Can you imagin how cold -196 Degree could be? Let's explore the power of liquid nitrogen.

See Your Heartbeat! 
See your own ECG (heart beat electrical pattern) on a display screen. One person at a time. No medical interpretation is available!

Everyday Items Magnified! 
You can use a microscope to look at everyday items! See a variety of items in a new way!

Let's Make DNA Double Helix with Threads 
Do you know the shape of DNA? Let's make DNA double helix pattern with threds.
Download Instructions How To Make

Let's Interact with Robots!  
At the Neural Computation Unit, researchers are using robots to research about brains. You are able to play with the robots, and also you get to program robots that are built with LEGO.

Mini Aquarium 
Did you know octopuses are intelligent animals? OIST uses octopuses and squids to research about genetics. You will get hooked on their beautiful appearance and unique movement.

Exploring the Microworld 
There are many cutting-edge research equipments at OIST, and Electron Microscope is one of them. Let's try to operate the microscope and explore the microworld!

Let's Explore the World of Computing  
Your can learn about OIST'S super computers and various computing systems through activities.

Programming with Neko-chan  
Let's do computer programming with Neko-chan! Together, we will learn how to use a programming language called Scratch made specifically for over 8 yeasr old kids. We will make a Neko-chan move around, jump, meow, play and so much more. With scratch, you will create stories, animations, even your own games!
Ticket Distribution Schedule: AM Session-10:00  PM Session-12:45  (first-come, first-served

Zebra Fish Water Tank 
There are over 50,000 Zebrafish at OIST for genetic research. We will introduce about our research at the Development Neurobiology Unit.

Let's Take a Look inside of the Laboratory 
OIST G0 Cell Unit's laboratory room will be open to public! You can see and learn various aboratory equipments. You can also learn about OIST G0 Cell Unit's research.

SCORE! Winners' Poster Presentation 
SCORE! is the science project presentation competition for high school students. Winners of the competition will have booths to introduce their creative ideas of how they can apply science to our everyday life.

OIST’s Safety and Health Initiatives 
In order to do cutting-edge research, it is necessary to provide a safe environment for the researchers. We will introduce how we maintain a safe environment at OIST.

Draw Your Own Aqualium 
Draw your favorite sea creatures on the wall and watch as an aquarium appears right before your eyes.

Food Booths

・Burger Shop H&S  ・Antore
・Gohan-ya de Su-Su-Soon   ・SAOKOMA Parlor
・Mame Pore-pore   ・Miyabi Cha-ya Nakamoto   ・Mugiyaki-ya
・Delica Uotetsu   ・Cafe Kijimunaa   ・Fu-mi-Obasan no Andagi
・Kominka-ya Soba-ya Fukugi   ・Marusei Bento   ・Indian Food SHIVA
・DOSHA   ・Sara no ue no shizen  ・Suien (Lekkernijen)  
・Hawaiian Pancake House Panilani   ・Heshin

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