【Online】SCIENCE TALK The physics of flow in soap and water


Friday, May 28, 2021 - 18:30


OIST Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_NaQbrtQBF24HF_dvWBFg


Date:May 28th Fri.18:30-19:30

Speaker:Fluid Mechanics Unit   Yuna Hattori

Title:The physics of flow in soap and water



 ※This event is only Japanese(English subtitles will be added)


She'd been obsessed with classical ballet through middle school, but was inspired by Newtonian mechanics in high school and went on to major in physics and mathematics in college. In college, she majored in physics and mathematics. In order to better understand how nature works, she is devoting herself to physics research at OIST.

Details of talk:

At OIST, she belongs to the Fluid Mechanics Unit,where she study the flow of  water and air.She is trying to understand various fluid phenomena in nature, such as ocean currents and atmospheric flows, through experiments using soap films, numerical simulations and mathematics using  soap film experiments, numerical simelations, and theory,

In the Science talk, she will introduce Newtonian mechanics, which is teh basis of physics, equations related to fluids, and familiar fluid penomena that are common in our daily lives.


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