“ROZ” Fosters Scientific Careers Through Inclusivity, Interactivity, and Internationalism


Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 02:00 to 03:00




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Many influences, codes, and customs shape science as a profession. These are often implicit, and seldom visible to the beginner. As in other highly competitive employment sectors, scientific careers are forged at an early stage. The sooner early-career scientists learn these codes and customs, the better their chances for successful research careers.
Rosalind Franklin Forum for Female Scientists (Open to All) (“ROZ”) is a website bringing together many thousands of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, assistant professors, senior scientists and researchers, and policy makers in a worldwide conversation. There, longtime practitioners offer young colleagues what textbooks cannot: concrete career counsel, given with immediacy, candor, wit, and compassion in a public assembly accessible to all.
Today, two-thirds of female undergraduates worldwide avoid science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) studies. The number of women that do enter these fields becomes progressively smaller in a phenomenon known as the leaky pipeline. Internationally, just over 20% of scientists and engineers are women. It is patent folly to thwart the scientific intelligence, imagination, abilities, and goodwill of more than half of humankind. Along with others still alarmingly underrepresented in science, women can and do succeed in the halls of discovery.
Along with OIST president Peter Gruss and assistant professor Paola Laurino, this session will engage participants and viewers in career questions and answers such as: “At the start of my career, am I better off seeking collaborations, avoiding them in the name of independence, or placing myself somewhere on a continuum between the two?” “How can I learn to formulate more imaginative, insightful research questions?” and “What precautions will protect my group should funding run low or out; should my strength and leadership fail; or other catastrophes befall us?”


Paola Laurino, Assistant Professor, OIST

Peter Gruss, President and CEO, OIST

Erika Fukuhara, PhD Student, OIST

Thato Mokhothu, PhD Student, OIST

Saacincteh Toledo Patino, Postdoc, OIST

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