TSVP Talk: "Waves and Resonance: From Musical Instruments to Invisibility Cloaks" by Jon Chapman


Wednesday, September 13, 2023 - 15:00


B250 (Center), Zoom


Waves and Resonance: From Musical Instruments to Vacuum Cleaners, via Metamaterials and Invisibility Cloaks

Profile: Jon Chapman holds the chair of Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Oxford. He works both on new mathematical methods, and on practical applications of mathematics, including industrial applications.

Language: English, no interpretation.

Target audience: General audience / everyone at OIST and beyond.
Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration.

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Passcode:    388052


This lecture is a part of the TSVP Thematic Program "Exact Asymptotics: From Fluid Dynamics to Quantum Geometry" (https://groups.oist.jp/tsvp/exact-asymptotics) and its accompanying symposium "Frontiers in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Stokes Phenomena" (https://groups.oist.jp/tsvp/event/nonlinear-differential-equations-and-stokes-phenomenon).

>> OIST students and researchers are welcome to participate in all scientific sessions of the program without registration.

List and profiles of program participants can be found here: https://groups.oist.jp/tsvp/23ea-program-participants .


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