September 2022 Newsletter / 2022年9月SAPニュースレター

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Thank you for an Amazing Summer Program!

Thank you to all the families that participated in this years Summer Holiday Program. The childern and staff had an amazing time engaging in water play, STEM activities, movie days, a small festival, watermelon smashing, and even a haunted house this year! 

However, this years top activity had to be the tie-dye activity. The children were very excited to do this, and the SAP staff really delivered! The children were also extremely helpful with this activity. The children that already completed it, helped the others to tie and prepare their t-shirts. It was great to see the teamwork and comradery during this activity. The end result were some very impressive and colorful t-shirts.  Mask painting, and the annual egg drop experiment were also very popular events this summer! There was never a dull day here at the SAP. 

We hope that your children were able to make new freinds, learn new concepts, and had an amazing time over the summer. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next Holiday Program. Have a great rest of the year everyone :)


今年の一押しアクティビティは、なんといってもタイダイ染めでした。子どもたちはこのアクティビティをとても楽しみにしていましたし、SAPスタッフもそれを見事に実現してくれました。また、このアクティビティでは、子どもたちが非常によく手伝ってくれました。すでに終わった子は、他の子のTシャツの結び方や準備を手伝いました。この活動で、チームワークと仲間意識が生まれたのは素晴らしいことです。最終的には、とても印象的でカラフルなTシャツが出来上がりました。 仮面ペインティングや、毎年恒例の卵落とし実験も、この夏大人気のイベントでした。SAPに退屈な一日はありませんでした。



Typhoon Notices / 台風のお知らせ


Okinawa's typhoon season will continue through September and October. On days when there is a typhoon, we may send an email to parents/guardians to come to pick up their children early in order to arrive home before roads become too dangerous for you and our staff to drive on. Please check your email frequently. The SAP will do everything possible to keep children and staff safe during the sometimes unpredictable weather this season brings.



Please Don't Forget....

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  1. A hat-  SAP children will need a hat in order to play outdoors during the summer months. If your child forgets their hat, we will ask them to play indoors for the day.
  2. A water bottle- Please ensure your child has a full water bottle everyday. Children may bring water and tea to drink.
  3. Sunscreen (Optional)- The SAP encourages children to wear sunscreen before going out to play, but it is not required. If your child has medical reasons or you have personal reason why you do not want your child to wear sunscreen, please be sure to speak with the SAP Director or one of the staff about it.
  4. Appropriate clothing- Please send your child to the SAP in light, breathable clothing during the hot summer months.
  5. Sunglasses (Optional)-  If your child would like to bring sunglasses to the SAP, they are welcome to do so. Please note that the SAP takes no responsibilty if  your childs sunglasses are broken or lost.



  1. 帽子 - 夏の間、屋外で遊ぶために、帽子が必要です。もしお子様が帽子を忘れた場合は、その日は室内で遊んでいただくことになります。
  2. 水筒 - 毎日、満タンの水筒を持たせてください。水やお茶を持参することも可能です。
  3. 日焼け止め(オプション)- SAPでは、お子様が外に出て遊ぶ前に日焼け止めを塗ることを推奨していますが、必須ではありません。もし、お子様の健康状態や個人的な理由で日焼け止めを塗らせたくない場合は、必ずSAPディレクターまたはスタッフにご相談ください。
  4. 適切な服装 - 暑い夏の間は、通気性の良い薄手の服装でSAPにお越しください。
  5. サングラス(オプション) - お子様がサングラスを持参される場合は、ご自由にお持ちください。万が一、サングラスを破損・紛失された場合、SAPは一切の責任を負いかねますのでご了承ください。


Reporting Child Absences


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We would just like to remind you that if your child will be absent from the SAP/bus for any reason, please be sure to share that information either in person with a staff member, or online by emailing

Thank you!

もし、お子様が何らかの理由でSAPやバスをお休みされる場合は、必ずスタッフに直接お伝えいただくか、 充てにメールでご連絡をお願いいたします。


Water is Your Friend!

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To stay on the topic of warm weather, we would also like for all families to please remind your children the importance of drinking water, especially when playing outdoors for extended periods of time.

At the SAP, the staff give the children water breaks every 15-20 minutes when playing outdoors. If a child runs out of water, there is a water server in the classroom where children can refill their bottles as many times as they need to throughout the day.

When the summer really kicks off, we also begin to give the children water breaks during indoor play in addition to outdoor play. Please be reassured that the staff are looking after the children and ensuring they are staying hydrated, we just ask that you remind them this too at home, and before dropping them off at the SAP.



夏が本格的に始まると、外遊びだけでなく、屋内での遊びでも子どもたちに水休憩を与えるようになります。 スタッフは、子どもたちが水分補給できるように見守っていますので、ご安心ください。ご家庭でも、SAPにお子さんをお預けになる前にも、保護者の方からお子様にお声掛けくださいますようお願いいたします。


September Holiday Program Dates




Be sure to regularly check the SAP webpage for updated information on Holiday Program dates. Please remember that in order to receive services, you must sign up two business days in advance to the required services. 

If you would like to order lunch and snacks, you must do so by the 20th of the month prior to the required service. Once a lunch order is made, refunds are not available. This includes, but is not limited to, if you decide to cancel a HP enrollment date, if your child will be absent, or if you or your child are sick and cannot attend as scheduled. Holiday Program space is available on a first-come first served-basis.

Click the link below to enroll for September Holiday Program dates.






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If you have not done so already, be sure to connect to ClassDojo to see pictures and videos of what your kids are doing during their stay at the School-Aged Program. Please click the link below to join.