Holiday Program for June 2024

Holiday Program Enrollment


The Holiday Program will continue to operate from 08:30-18:30. Please be sure to enroll by the 20th of the month prior to the requested services.

If the dates that your child's school is closed are not listed, please let the SAP staff know.

Also, please be advised that many schools may change their schedules to make up for missed school time. If your child will need SAP services before 13:30, please enroll in Holiday Program services for those days.

By completing this webform, families are agreeing to abide by all policies

  1. At least 5 children must be enrolled by the 20th of the prior month to the requested service for the program to be available from 8:30am, otherwise it starts at 10:00am. When necessary, you'll be notified about the start time.
  2. SAP attendance will be limited to 70 children. 
  3. Children will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly once they enter the SAP room.
  4. Children who are brought to the SAP room by parents/guardians will be required to have a body temperature below 37.5 degrees.
  5. Parents/Guardians of children who do not feel well during their time in the SAP room will be contacted immediately and asked to come and pick up their children. Children who are ill will be monitored by a staff person in one of the Seaside House meeting rooms until a parent/guardian arrives. 
  6. All children will need to bring their own water bottles. SAP will not provide shared drinking or eating utensils.
  7. The SAP will provide for maximum air circulation by opening the doors to the outside deck whenever possible. However, during the rainy season and typhoon season, heavy rains and wind make it impossible to keep these doors open. According to Building Maintenance and Facilities, the LOSSNAY Energy Recovery System recently installed in the SAP room is in line with MEXT air ventilation volume requirements and provides sufficient circulation even without keeping the deck doors open.
  8. Staff will disinfect the rooms regularly.
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Important Enrollment Deadline Information
Children must be enrolled for Holiday Program services by the 20th of the month preceding the date of service requested. This is to ensure that we have proper number of staff to provide childcare services. Cancellation of Holiday Program services must be made by the 20th of the month preceding the date of service requested; refunds are not available after this. This includes, but is not limited to, if you decide to cancel a HP enrollment date, if your child will be absent, or if you or your child are sick and cannot attend as scheduled.
June Enrollment Dates