Holiday Program For October and November 2021-2022

Holiday Program Enrollment ホリデープログラムの登録

The Japanese Government as well as the Okinawa Prefectural Government have issued 'New Lifestyle' guildines. The School Age Program in conjunction with the Occupational Health and Safety Section and the COVID-19 Management Group have created a new set of policies to make sure that School Age Programs services are delivered in the safest possible environment for the children in our care.


Because these policies will change the School Age Programs experience, we are asking all families to read the policies carefully before accessing Holiday Program services.


Holiday Program will continue to operate from 08:30-18:30 while these policies are in place. Please be sure to enroll two full business days before services will be needed.


Also, please be advised that many schools might change their schedules to make up for missed school time. If your child will need SAP services from before 13:30 in the afternoon, please enroll in Holiday Program services for those days.


By completing this webform, families are agreeing to abide by all policies


  1. SAP attendance will be limited to 53 children. The number of children allowed in any room will also be limited. This is necessary to maintain appropriate social distancing measures. SAPに参加する子どもたちは53人に制限されます。各部屋に許可される子どもたちの数も制限されます。これは、適切なソーシャルディスタンス対策を維持するために必要です。
  2. Children will be required to wear masks at all times. It is the family's responsibility to provide masks to their children. 子どもは常にマスクを着用する必要があります。お子さんにマスクを提供するのはご家族の責任です。
  3. Children will be required to wash their hands thoroughly before entering the SAP room. お子さんはSAPルームに入る前に手をよく洗う必要があります。
  4. Children who are brought to the SAP room by parents/guardians will be required to measure and have a body temperature of under 37.5 degrees. 保護者がSAPルームに連れて来たお子さんは、体温を測定し、37.5度未満である 必要があります。
  5. Parents/Guardians of children who do not feel well during their time in the SAP room will be contacted immediately and asked to come and pick up their children. Children who are ill will be monitored by a staff person in one of the Seaside House meeting rooms until a parent/guardian arrives.  SAPルームに滞在中、体調が悪くなった子どもの保護者はすぐに連絡を受け、お子さんを迎 えに来るように求められます。保護者が到着するまで、具合の悪いお子さんはシーサイド ハウスの会議室の一つでスタッフが監護します。
  6. All children will need to bring their own water bottles. SAP will not provide shared drinking or eating utensils. すべての子どもたちは自分の水筒を持参する必要があります。 SAPは、共用のコップや食器 を提供しておりません。
  7. The SAP room will be set up so that children do not sit directly across from each other while eating meals or snacks. Eating spaces will be clearly marked off. SAPルームで子どもたちが食事やおやつを食べている時、直接向かい合って座らないように設定します。食事スペースは明確に区切られます。
  8. Children will be asked to use an ‘indoor voice’ while inside the SAP room. Shouting or using a loud voice will be discouraged. SAPルーム内では、子どもだちは「屋内の声」を使うように求められます。叫んだり、大きな声を出すことはできません。
  9. SAP staff will enforce social distancing. Children will be reminded to avoid standing or sitting close to each other. SAPスタッフはソーシャルディスタンスを実施します。子どもたちは、互いの近くに立った り座ったりしないように注意されます。
  10. SAP staff will remind children not to touch one another. SAPスタッフは、子どもたちが互いに触れないように注意を促します。
  11. The SAP will provide for maximum air circulation by opening the doors to the outside deck whenever possible. However, during the rainy season and typhoon season, heavy rains and wind make it impossible to keep these doors open. According to Building Maintanance and Facilities, the LOSSNAY Energy Recovery System recently installed in the SAP room is in line with MEXT air ventilation volume requirements and provides sufficient circulation even without keeping the deck doors open. SAPは、可能な限り外部デッキへのドアを開けることにより、最大限の換気をします。しか し、梅雨や台風の時期には大雨や強風のため、ドアを開けたままにすることはできませ ん。施設管理によると、SAPルームに最近設置されたLOSSNAYエネルギー回収システム は、文部科学省の換気量要件に適合しているため、デッキへのドアを開けたままにしなくても 十分な換気ができます。
  12. A hand sanitizing station will be set up in each room. Children will be required to use hand sanitizer before and after using SAP provided materials, games, or toys. 各ルームに手指消毒の場所を設置します。SAPにある道具、ゲーム、おもちゃを使う前後に、子どもは手指消毒剤を使う必要があります。
  13. Staff will disinfect the room regularlyスタッフは定期的にルームを消毒します。
  14. Children will be taken outdoors to play as often as possible. 子どもたちはできるだけ頻繁に屋外へ遊びに出ます。
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Parent/Guardian Information 保護者の情報
Child's Information お子さんの情報
Important Enrollment Deadline Information 登録締切についての重要なお知らせ
Children must be enrolled for Holiday Program services by 5PM two business days before the day services will be received (for example, if you wish to enroll for a Monday scheduled holiday program day, you must enroll by the previous Wednesday at 5PM). This is to ensure that we have proper number of staff to provide childcare services. If you have missed the enrollment deadline, and would like to access services, please make a request through the irregular/emergency services application found at: ホリデープログラムには2営業日前の17:00までに登録する必要があります。(月曜日に予定されているホリデープログラムの場合、この登録フォームは前の水曜日の17:00までに入力する必要があります。)  もし登録期限に間に合わず、サービスを利用されたい場合は、こちらのURLから不定期/緊急サービスへの申し込みをお願いします:
October Enrollment Dates 10月の登録日
November Enrollment Dates 11月の登録日