OIST School-Aged Program (The Afterschool program is at full capacity and operating with a waiting list)

The School-Aged Program provides a safe and engaging environment with both structured enrichment activities and supervised free play for children in Kindergarten through Grade 6 of OIST students and employees. The School-Aged Program is dedicated to providing opportunities for children to become independent explorers and learners, and to work with each other in a community of mutual support and respect.


If your child will be absent from The School-Aged Program services or Transportation Services, please inform us by email beforehand:



Our Programs

After-School Program

In the After-School Program, children engage in a wide range of structured and free activities, receive homework support, and enjoy indoor and outdoor play (weather permitting)

The After-School Program has both extended services from 13:30 to 18:30 and regular services from 15:00 PM to 18:30.

Early After-School Program

The Early After-School Program provides services for children from 13:30 to 18:30 PM.

Children in the Early After-School engage in both indoor and outdoor play (weather permitting) and a variety of structured and unstructured activities.

Holiday Program

The Holiday Program provides a full day of care for children on OIST work-days when elementary schools and kindegartens are out for the day. This includes long spring and summer vacations.  

Holiday Program services include structured activities and crafts, free play time, homework support, and a range of activities from quiet games to large group play.

Holiday Program enrollment is separate from After-School Program enrollment. 


Our Services

Transportation Services

OIST shuttle buses provide transportation services between OIST's main campus and local schools depending on availability of vehicles as determined by the Buildings and Facilities Management Division.

Families requiring bus transportation for their child may register for transportation services by submitting a School Transport Request.


SAP Seaside House Lounge Usage Plan

In July 2023 the 4th-6th grade children started using the Seasside House Lounge (2F). Please click the link above for more information.