External Teacher Registration Process

 Policies and Guidelines for External Teachers through The School Aged Program


An External Teacher is a person who provides services (e.g. classes, instruction) to members of the OIST community (staff, students, and family members thereof), using OIST facilities, that contribute to the OIST Mission and Vision.

Eligible to apply

  • Temporary staff members
  • Family members of OIST students or employees
  • Okinawa community members

Not Eligible

  • Official OIST employees: There is a conflict of interest with OIST if you are earning money while using (OIST property).  You cannot earn money while using the facilities here if you are officially employed through OIST.

Policies and Guidelines

  1. An External Teacher using OIST facilities must complete, sign, and date an OIST School Aged Program External Letter Agreement, an Employee Declaration, and a Touch Policy Agreement before being able to teach and use OIST facilities.
  2. If the External Teacher is from the external community (not affiliated with OIST), the External Teacher must indicate on the registration form the name of their OIST contact person or list The School Aged Program.
  3. Participation fees will be paid directly to the External Teacher from The School Aged Program. At no time should the External Teacher change their rates without consulting with the Director of The School Aged Program.
  4. The School Aged Program will be the holder of the registration information for registered users of the activity. This is necessary for audit reasons to track the facility usage and OIST participants. All new students will need to register by contacting the School Aged Program Director.
  5. It is an OIST rule that you cannot utilize OIST facilities to make a second income. Students are not allowed to use the facilities to earn income. Staff members of OIST are not allowed to utilize the OIST facilities to earn extra income. This is due to OIST being subsidized by government funds.
  6. All activities inside the OIST School Aged Program will be checked every two months and reviewed for proper use and class participation. The School Aged Program reserves the right to move or cancel your activity based on participation level, not using the facility, or breach of agreement.