SAP Sun Safety


Heat Illness Prevention Procedures


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Duration of the permitted playtime at the SAP will be as follows


Red  No Outdoor play (Unless playing with water, in the shade, and drinking water not to exceed 30 minutes)


Orange  Outdoor play limited to 30 minutes (Unless playing with water, in the shade, and drinking water, not to exceed 45 minutes)


Yellow  Outdoor play limited to 45 minutes (Unless playing with water, in the shade, and drinking water, not to exceed 60 minutes)


​Blue- No limit on outdoor play



These guidelines have been put in place in order to prevent heat strokes and heat-related illnesses. Children have poorly developed body temperature regulation and are also short so they are closer to the ground. They also tend to become absorbed in playing and forget to drink water or liquids. Since young children cannot take effective measures against heatstroke on their own, it is important that adults protect children from the risks of heatstroke. 


Teachers of the SAP will also remind the children to drink water every 15 minutes when playing outdoors. Children will also be reminded to drink water indoors during the summer.


Frequent hydration is essential in preventing heatstroke. Children move around a lot and have an active metabolism, so they are easily affected by sweat and dehydration. Children should drink barley tea, buckwheat tea or water at least once every 1-2 hours and carry a PET bottle or water bottle with them when possible.





環境省熱中症予防情報サイト グラフ今日那覇(沖縄県) ( (日本語)


赤色 - 屋外での遊びは禁止(水遊び、日陰での遊び、水を飲んでいる場合は30分以内

オレンジ色 - 屋外での遊びは30分まで(ただし、水遊び、日陰での遊び、水を飲んでいる場合は45分以内)

黄色 - 屋外での遊びは45分まで(水遊び、日陰での遊び、水を飲んでいる場合は、60分以内)

緑 - 屋外での遊びが可能です