Community Cooking Series: Registration for Instructors

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Guidelines for instructors

Registration and planning:

  • Please meet with Recreation Services and/or the club POWER to discuss the budget for the class, and whether any assistance is needed in storing ingredients.
  • Please plan your dish such that prep, cooking, eating, and clean-up can be completed within 2.5 hours.
  • Please submit a written recipe for 1-2 people that includes the complete list of ingredients and possible allergens a few days before the class.

Ingredient shopping and storage: Instructor + POWER club member

  • When shopping for ingredients, we stay strictly within budget, and buy every ingredient within 1-2 days of the class. We prioritize ingredients bought at easily accessible stores within Okinawa. Using online portals such as Amazon is discouraged.
  • All receipts from shopping are kept by the POWER club.
  • With the exception of resealable oil, rice, and spices, we use only ingredients that have been bought 1-2 days before the class. Please ensure that all items are properly stored, e.g., are refrigerated if needed and stored in dry places.

Day of the class:

  • On the day of the class, please come to the venue half an hour before the session is slated to begin. A POWER club volunteer will assist you in preparing for the class.
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Classes available: April 8th (confirmed), May (date to be decided), June (date to be decided)