Promotion of Okinawa's Welfare, Economy, and Resources (POWER)

What is the POWER club?

The club is dedicated to promote societal engagement, in the form of charitable activities by OIST members dedicated to the Okinawan community. Members of the POWER club will communicate with local charities and non-profitable organizations (NPOs), and help organize charity drives to provide assistance to those in need in Okinawa. We aim to be active both during times of economic crisis, and on a regular basis.

If you are interested in volunteering on a current charity project, or need a platform to help with your project idea, feel free to join our Slack Workspace, or please see our Committee Members tab for contact information!

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We will be posting updates to our on-going activities to this website and to our Facebook page as things progress.

The general goals of the club:

  • Initiate dialogue between OIST volunteers and the NPO representatives
  • Identify issues that can be addressed by the OIST community
  • Share and communicate about these previously mentioned issues to the OIST community
  • Identify means to collect and distribute funds/food/basic necessities, when necessary


Page last updated on July 21, 2020.

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