Rhythm & Beats: A Benefit Concert

















16:00 Event starts
16:05 Sanshin orchestra and dance by Chindamiz
16:15 Announcement
16:20 Indian semi-classical by Aswathy
16:27 Fusion Bhangra by Darshini, Milena, Lakshmi and Kim
16:35 Tribal fusion belly dance by Kako
16:40 Vocal and guitar by Keerthy and Rodrigo
16:50 Flamenco by Noriko
17:10 Pole performance by Lena
17:18 Bhangra by Shukla and Jasmeet
17:25 Tribal fusion belly dance by Kako
17:30 Street dance by OIST Street Dance Club
17:40 Eisa by Sousaku Eisa LUCK
17:50 Event ends

Sing-along to the Sanshin orchestra's piece, "Tinsagunu-Hana", an Okinawan traditional folk song. English translation by Margaret Howell

Let the red of the Garden Balsam

Sink into your fingertips, my child

Let the wise words of your parents

Sink into your mind

Think on the stars, my child

You can count them if you try

Think on the wise words of your parents

They are innumerable

Event Description

Let's mark the end of the year 2021, and get ready to welcome the new year with joy and positivity!

On November 20th, Saturday, our multi-talented OIST community is coming together to put on a rhythmic show. Please join us to enjoy an evening of vibrant musical and dance performances!!

In tandem with this benefit concert, we will also be organizing a food drive dedicated to Onna Village Council of Social Welfare, between November 15th-19th. We will be collecting final food donations at the entrance of the OIST Auditorium on the day of the event! Please see below for more details.

Event Date and Time

Saturday, November 20th, 2021 - 16:00-18:00


OIST Auditorium

Food Drive Details

The week-long food drive will conclude on November 20th at 18:00. Please drop off your donations at the desk at the entrance of the OIST Auditorium.

For more information about the food drive, please click here.


Performance Registration [CLOSED]

Please submit this intent form if you are interested in performing at this event. 

Submission deadline: Sunday, October 31st, 2021.

Please note that this form is only meant for us to gauge the community interest for this kind of event, in order to help us define the event logistics (such as the length, venue, equipment needed).

*update: This form has now been closed.

For inquiries, please contact darshini.ravishankar@oist.jp or shivani.sathish@oist.jp.