Holiday gift drive - December 14th - 18th, 2020

2020 has been such a difficult year for so many people all around the world, including here in Okinawa. So, let's end the year on a positive note - by bringing some holiday cheer to Okinawa's children!

We are organizing a "Holiday Gift Drive for Orphans" from December 14th - 18th.

All gifts will be donated to HelpOki, to support their "Omocha for Orphans" toy drive, where volunteers will deliver toys to orphans all around the Okinawan prefecture just in time for the holidays. You can find more details regarding the main drive here:

The organizers have identified a need for gifts specifically in the age range of 10-17 years old. So, let's try to collect as many gifts as we can for kids in this age range!

Collection dates: December 14th-18th (Mon-Fri) (9:00-17:00)
Collection spots: Main tunnel entrance; Lab 4 front entrance; Recreational Services office (Village Center)

Example gift types are included in the poster. Please, only donate NEW, UNOPENED gifts, not wrapped. Daiso products will not be accepted.


Thank you so much for all your donations!! We received around 100, 000 ¥ worth of gifts!!

All gifts were donated to HelpOki's "Omocha for Orphans drive" on December 19th, 2020. They distributed all the donations to several orphanages for Christmas.

Our club received a certificate of appreciation for our donations. The certificate is currently displayed in the Recreational Services Office (Village center).