Providing aid to Onna Welfare Council

Brief Description:

Because of the lockdown and the reduction in tourists this year, many people who rely on tourism have lost their only source of income. As such, the Onna Village Social Welfare Council has been collecting non-perishable foods and items for babies to distribute to those most impacted. 

Given the circumstances, the food demand is very high and the Welfare Council will be accepting donations even beyond Okinawa's re-opening. Therefore, we plan to collect and donate non-perishable foods and items for babies regularly at least for the upcoming months to support those the most impacted under the circumstances. We also plan to collect face masks to help families keep themselves safe.

These drives will continue even after the pandemic and we hope to continue to work with the Onna Welfare Council and provide them with anything they need in a timely manner. We also welcome personal donations from OIST staff at any time.

Please see each food drive event page on the left for further details of collection points and time, and donation items requested by Onna Village Social Welfare Council.


Page last updated on June 17, 2020.