Committee Members

  • Shivani Sathish (Junior Research Fellow, Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit, shivani.sathish 'at'
  • Christopher Petoukhoff  (Postdoctoral Scholar, Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit, christopher.petoukhoff 'at'
  • Yuka Suzuki (PhD student, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit, 'at'
  • Shukla Sarkar (PhD student, Immune Signal Unit, shukla.sarkar 'at'
  • Milena Menezes Carvalho (Postdoctoral Scholar, Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit)


Club Members

Lorena Andreoli (Neurobiology Research Unit)
Theodoros Bouloumis (Light-Matter Interactions for Quantum Technologies Unit)
Audrey Denizot (Computational Neuroscience Unit)
Sanae Ito (Communication and Public Relations Division)
Lina Koronfel (Optical Neuroimaging Unit)
Pei Chen King (Communication and Public Relations Division)
Miki Nakazato (Communication and Public Relations Division)
Mira Narita (GS Admissions Team)
Isabel Anai Echeverria Oviedo (Optical Neuroimaging Unit)
Aya Peloquin (External Engagement Section)
Aya Puca (Curriculum and Programs Section)
Mayu Suzuki (RUA group)


Marine Le Gal (Committee member)
Nishtha Ranawat
Ankur Dhar
Hong Huat Hoh

Feel free to contact any of the chairs using the email addresses listed above, with questions about the club!

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General member meeting July 9th, 2020.