Publication 2019


(a) Developmental and Evolutionary Genomics

  1. Marlétaz, F., Peijnenburg, K.T.C.A., Goto, T., Satoh, N., Rokhsar, D.S.
    A new spiralian phylogeny places the enigmatic arrow worms among gnathiferans
    Current Biology, Current Biology  29, 1–7. (2019) 
  2. Noda, T., Satoh, N., Asami, T.
    Heterochirality results from reduction of maternal diaph expression in a terrestrial pulmonate snail
    Zoological Letters, 2019 5:2 (2019). 

(b) Enviromental Genomics

  1. Zayasu, Y., Suzuki, G.
    Comparisons of population density and genetic diversity in artificial and wild populations of an arborescent coral, Acropora yongei: implications for the efficacy of "artificial spawning hotspots"
    Restoration Ecology.

(c) Functional Genomics

  1. Beedessee, G., Hisata, K., Roy, M.C., Van Dolah, F.M., Satoh, N., Shoguchi, E.
    Diversified secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene repertoire revealed in symbiotic dinoflagellates
    Scientific Reports, in press
  2. Ueki, T., Fujie, M., Romaidi, Satoh, N.
    Symbiotic bacteria associated with Ascidian vanadium accumulation identified by 16S rRNA amplicon Sequencing
    Marine Genomics. 43, 33-42. (2019)  

(d) Others

  1. Nakashima, K., Kikuchi, S.
    Chitin-based barrier immunity and its loss predated mucus-colonization by indigenous gut microbiota. (in Japanese)
    実験医学37, 69-72 (2019)