MBU Lunch

We celebrated Bob's successful Ph.D. thesis exam presentation last night, and also welcomed Kimika Takeyasu (internship student from Kobe University).  

October 22, 2021, at Blue entrance kitchen

SoKa Project 2020 → For better bathymetry grids

Understanding the dynamics and circulation of oceans is quite a challenge while having tremendous impact on global and local environment. There exists multiple ways to approach it: from buoy releases to numerical modeling. However, whatever the method chosen, the knowledge of the bathymetry (seafloor elevation) is a keystone of the process.

How do typhoons affect microbes?

MBU members study the impact typhoons have on coastal microbial communities through 'Red soil' runoff. Using in-situ sampling either side of powerful typhoon events and mesocosm experiments, the authors of this study have made some concerning discoveries.

A Geologist and the Kuroshio

Noam Vogt-Vincent joined the Mitarai Unit as an intern to study the historical flow of the Kuroshio



Today we mark Juan Diaz's final day as a Mitarai unit intern. After an extremely successful seven month internship studying the impact of red soil runoff on planktonic communities as a "Red-Soil Ranger" Juan will be leaving, but hopefully not for long...

Paleobiology of the Deep-Sea in Okinawa

Senior scientist of Paleobiology at Sweden’s Natural History Museum in Stockholm visits OIST and the Mitarai Unit. Steffen Kiel (centre) came to hunt for fossilised deep-sea molluscs and discuss collaborations in chemosynthetic ecosystem biogeography.

MBU members help Onna village with typhoon relief

OIST scientists join the cleanup effort in onna after the devestation of typhoon #24 (Trami).

Visiting Researcher

Prateek Singh collaborates with the Marine Biobhysics Unit at OIST as a visiting researcher all the way from the University of Oulu, Finland.


Deep Sea Biology Symposium 2018

Mitarai Unit members attend the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium 2018 in Monteray, California.

APCRS 2018

Mitarai Unit members present at the Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (APCRS2018)

Akiko's Baby Shower

Mitarai Unit members organize a suprise baby shower for the Research Unit Administrator, Akiko.

With plenty of cake and decorations we say a temporary farewell to Akiko before she goes on maternity leave.

Fortunately we wont be so lost without her as her replacement, Masako, is on hand to support our research.

You'll be missed Akiko.

Earth Day 2018: Beach Clean

Mitarai Unit members join local volunteers from the Japanese Self Defence Force and other groups within Onna-village to clean litter from local beaches.

This event organised by OIST's Community Relations team is just one of many beach cleaning efforts that occur every month of the year, mostly organized by groups of students.

Oceanographic expedition MR17-03C delayed by Typhoon

Oceanography cruise delayed due to too much oceanography.

Image credit of 'The Weather Channel'


Hands on study of scaly-foot gastropod by Dr. Chong Chen.


6th International Symposium on Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems (CBE6)

Satoshi Mitarai Presenting at the 6th International Symposium on Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems (CBE6).

Wave Glider in the News

The Mitarai Unit's 'Wave Glider' device was the focus of an article written by Alexandra Branscombe in the journal of Earth and Space Science News.

Chasing Corals before the IAB meeting

Mitarai Unit members join together at lunch to watch 'Chasing Corals' Featuring Prof. Ruth Gates who will be joining us this week along with other IAB members to discuss the future of Marine Science at OIST.

Cruise Complete (MR17-03C)

A collaborative research expedition between Mitarai Unit members, the Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) as well as other national and international agencies, has successfully come to an end.