MBU members help Onna village with typhoon relief

Pictured from left to right:  Hiroshi Izumi, Kirk Sato,  Marine Le Gal, Jigyasa Arora, Patricia Wepfer, Maki Thomas, Michael Kuba and Juan Diaz.

After seeing the devestation caused by typhoon Trami, MBU members contacted the local village office, with the help of OIST's Community and Public Relations Section, in order to offer aid. 

The next day our halp was accepted and we joined volunteers from all over Onna to help clean up the debris left in the wake of the storm.

Six MBU members joined the effort and gladly cleaned up all the plastic debris that would have otherwise ended up in our ocean.

The mayor of Onna showed his appreciation and everyone who volunteered from OIST was glad to show their solidarity with the local community. Please see the linked article from Onna village office (Japanese)