Chasing Corals before the IAB meeting

Chasing Corals

Professor Satoshi Mitarai and members of the Marine Biophysics Unit get together for lunch and to watch 'Chasing Corals'. 'Chasing Corals' is a brand new documentary on Netflix that follows the struggles of scientist trying to record the bleaching of coral reefs caused by global climate change. The struggle of these individuals reveals the struggle that the rest of humanity is facing due to dramatic global bleaching events. The documentary heavily features Professor Ruth Gates, Director of the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology, who is working with her team to mitigate the impact of global climate change on coral reefs.

IAB Meeting

Prof. Gates is the newest member of the OIST Marine Science International Advisory Board (IAB). Members of the IAB are convening at OIST this week to work with the Okinawa Marine Science Centre (OMSC) to direct the growing marine science research at OIST. Members will also be presenting their work to members of OIST in a series of exciting seminars.