Visiting Mathematics Professor Program


The OIST Visiting Mathematics Professor Program brings promising mathematicians to OIST for periods of up to 6 months to organize symposia and contribute to mathematics research at OIST and to mathematics education in Okinawa.

Visiting Professor FY2020

Photo of Paolo Piovano

Prof. Paolo Piovano

March 2021 - April 2021

November 2020 - January 2021


Dr. Piovano’s current research investigations relate to the mathematical modeling in the framework of continuum and molecular mechanics with special emphasis to the applications in the context of materials science, nanostructure design, and more recently, bio-engineering. The focus is on the geometry and stability of carbon allotropes, the morphology of epitaxially strained thin films, and the regeneration of bone tissue in polymeric scaffolds. The mathematical analysis consists in the derivation of proper free boundary problems, gradient flows, and atomistic models, and in validating such descriptions by means of variational techniques, methods for PDEs, and the geometric measure theory. As the ultimate goal is to select reliable models in agreement with the experimental evidence, the investigations present an interdisciplinary aspect, especially by benefiting from the active cooperation with applied scientists.