F1000: Faculty of 1000

F1000: Faculty of 1000

F1000 is an in-depth directory of the top articles in biology and medicine, as recommended by the Faculty. Like PubMed, you can search by keywords, and you can also browse the entire archive, or just the disciplines and specialties that interest you. New article recommendations are added to the site daily.

At first, you need to create your own account to use this service. Please click "REGISTER" near search box on the right top and input your information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from F1000, so please activate your account by clicking a validation link in this confirmation email sent to you.

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F1000 Site tour: http://f1000.com/prime/tour

"User Guide" in Japanese is also available here.

You can also learn about webinars (online demonstrations) from the link below.

If you have any questions about F1000, please contact us at <library at oist.jp>

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