Depositing Published Articles into OISTIR for Open Access

Please enter the following required information in order for your article to be deposited into the OIST Institutional Repository (OISTIR) for Open Access.

Co-Author(s) Information
Please separate multiple addresses by commas. Please do not include any '' addresses.
*Upon submission of this form, each co-author will receive an email asking for their permission to deposit their work into the OIST institutional repository in accordance with the Copyright Law of Japan.
**This is a mandatory step for OIST publications in academic journals.


OIST Research
Examples include experimental results, numerical modeling, etc. OIST data is not exclusive to OIST campus e.g. synchrotron measurement.

As of fiscal year 2021 all published research data needs to be archived.

Please send data to the data archive coordinator ( via file sender

Direct file transfer from bucket is possible, please contact the coordinator for more information.

Please see the instructions here on how to prepare your data for archiving.

Unit / Section
Please enter the name of the person submitting this form.
Please enter the last name(s) of the faculty member(s), rather than the full unit name. For Science and Technology Group members, please enter "STG".
If you need to inform the Library or would like to link to any data sources, please enter this information here.