Unregistered Users of the Library

Visiting the Library

Unregistered users of the library may enter the library on condition that they use library materials for the purpose of academic research and study while library staff are in attendance. They are not allowed to stay in the library for any other purposes than those mentioned above. They can enter/use the library only during the opening hours (which are from 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday, except national holidays). Please fill Library Unregistered Users Form at the library desk upon entering the library.

Borrowing Materials

Unregistered users cannot borrow library materials but may use them onsite for the purpose of academic research and study. Before visiting the library, please contact us in advance or search the library's collection using OPAC to make sure that a material you would like to access is available.

Photocopying Materials

A copy machine is available to make a photocopy of library materials. Please complete an Application Form at the library desk.

Using Library Computers

Unregistered users may use a computer assigned for the use of guests to search OPAC. Any other computer activities, such as checking your emails or Internet browsing, are not permitted. Please ask the library staff before using it.


  • No food is allowed in the library. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted only in a spill-proof drink container.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum. Cellphones must be turned off or set to silent mode in the library.
  • Unregistered users may not bring or use their own personal computers.
  • As library space is limited and registered users of the library always have priority use of the library materials and facilities, we may ask unregistered users to leave during busy periods.