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Mon. - Fri.: 9:00am - 17:30pm
Sat. Sun. & National Holidays : Closed

Library Rules

No food is allowed in the library. Only non-alcoholic drinks in closed or spill-proof containers are allowed in the library. Open containers and disposal cups with lids are not permitted.
Please turn off cellphones or set them to silent mode when in the library.

Latest Posts

  • Subscription Cancellation: Safari Online Books

    On and after Sep 1st, OIST Library is no longer subscribed to Safari Online Books.

    However, we decided to purchase highly used books as print books. so please do not worry if you have been using Safari books (Cancelled titles are listed in the File Attachement in the below).



  • Paid Trial for Wiley Online Books until Feb. 28, 2018.

    • We have arranged for a paid trial of Wiley Online Books for 6 months, which will be available to you until February 28, 2018.
    • You have online access to more than 18,000 monographs, handbooks, dictionaries, companion and landmark book series except Online Reference Works.
    • Please visit the link below to see available titles by subject.

    Wiley OnlineBooks

  • [OLD] Online Journals / E-Books

    Only OIST members can access electronic resources.
    • On-Campus:  E-resoruces are accessible from any computers connected to the campus network.
    • Off-Campus:  E-resources are available outside of campus through VPN service. To use VPN service, please go to IT section's site.
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