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Mon. - Fri.: 9:00am - 17:30pm
Sat. Sun. & National Holidays : Closed

Library Rules

No food is allowed in the library. Only non-alcoholic drinks in closed or spill-proof containers are allowed in the library. Open containers and disposal cups with lids are not permitted.
Please turn off cellphones or set them to silent mode when in the library.

Latest Posts

  • New Arrivals June, 2021(as of 6/30/2021)

    Please check out newest arrivals for ebooks and print books.

  • Retiring support of Internet Explorer 11 on May 31, 2021 Internet Explorer 11のサポート終了のご案内

    Web of Science products, including InCites Benchmarking and Analytics, Essential Science Indicators and Journal Citation Reports, will be removing support for Internet Explorer 11 on May 31, 2021. Ending support for Internet Explorer 11 will allow the Clarivate engineering teams to use modern web practices to improve performance and user experience as they continue adding new features with each release. Although the Web of Science and InCites will continue to be available in Internet Explorer 11, new functionality may not work, and any issues will not be fixed.

  • [Library] OISTIR will be affected during the system update

    OISTIR uses the JAIRO Cloud for the institutional repository platform. From June 1st, this system will have a major update, and the OISTIR will be affected during this update.

    • 2021/6/1 (Tue) ~ 2021/8/1 (Sun)

    The content is available to view but no content will be added or updated.

    • 2021/8/2 (Mon) ~ 2021/8/5 (Thu)

    OISTIR will not be accessible.