Borrowing and Circulation


Officially registered OIST members (enrolled students, academic and administrative staff, as well as properly documented members with visiting status and who possess an OIST ID) have borrowing privileges at OIST Graduate University Library. Please bring books to the desk with your ID or use the self-checkout machine in the library to check out books.

Item Limit: 15 items
Books: 30-day loan
Periodicals: 7-day loan

Self Checkout

  1. Touch the Screen
  2. Enter your WebAuth ID (the letters should be in all-capitals; you can automatically enter capital letters without pressing the "shift" key.)
  3. What is WebAuth ID?
  4. WebAuth ID is the same ID you use to access TIDA (e.g., firstname-lastname).
  5. Scan the barcode on the front cover of the book with the barcode scanner. When you borrow two or more books, repeat this procedure for each book.
  6. After all the books have been read by the machine, touch "Check Out," which is located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. A receipt will be printed out that will list the item(s) you have checked out along with their due date(s).
  7. Touch "Finish" on the screen.

    The self-checkout machine cannot process book returns or renewals.


All borrowers are responsible for items checked out under their names until the items have been returned. Please return items to the desk or the book drop located at the library entrance by their due date. Interlibrary loan items must be directly returned to the desk within business hours.​

Overdue Notice

Although the library sends courtesy email reminders, it is the borrower's responsibility to keep track of due dates and to return on time. Users cannot borrow or renew any items until all overdue items are returned.


Books from the General Collection may be renewed directly at the desk or by email.
However, books may not be renewed in the following circumstances:
- if materials are overdue
- if another user has placed a hold or recall on the material
The self-checkout machine cannot process renewals, so please come to the library desk during business hours to renew items.

Further information

  • After the first renewal, borrowers must return the book within 72 hours if it has been requested by another user.
  • When a book becomes overdue, the library will not allow a user to check out other books until the user returns the overdue books to the library.