[Seminar] Mr. Fumiya Kakizawa "Monte Carlo study on low-temperature phase diagrams of the J1-J2 classical XY kagome antiferromagnet"


2023年12月14日 (木) 16:00 17:00


B503 Lab1, and Zoom



Mr. Fumiya Kakizawa / Saitama University


Monte Carlo study on low-temperature phase diagrams of the J1-J2 classical XY kagome antiferromagnet


Frustrated magnets with degenerate ground states exhibit exotic ground states and rich phase structures when perturbations and/or thermal fluctuations lift the degeneracy[1]. 
In two-dimensional models with short-range interactions, continuous symmetries cannot spontaneously break at finite temperatures, leading to the suppression of conventional magnetic long-range ordering[2].
In this talk, we will present the low-temperature properties of the classical J1-J2 XY antiferromagnet on the kagome lattice, showcasing the J2-T phase diagram and additional numerical findings from extensive classical Monte Carlo simulations[3]. 
Furthermore, we will highlight an intriguing non-trivial first-order transition for antiferromagnetic J2/J1<0.
The origin of this transition will be discussed in the context of non-local loop structures found in local 120° spin structures.

[1] H. T. Diep, Frustrated Spin Systems, 2nd ed. (WORLD SCIENTIFIC, 2013).
[2] N. D. Mermin and H. Wagner, Phys. Rev. Lett. 17, 1133 (1966).
[3] F. Kakizawa, T. Misawa, H. Shinaoka, arXiv:2310.15811.


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