2021年4月26日 (月) 16:00

Zoom seminar hosted by QG unit.
Speaker: Andrei Marshakov, Professor of Mathematical Physics
Title: "Cluster integrable systems and supersymmetric gauge theories"


2021年5月27日 (木) 13:00 14:00

INNOVATION SEMINAR: Leap Before you Look - Why One Autophagy Researcher Launched a Startup

Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori
Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience/Medicine
Osaka University


2021年4月19日 (月) 14:00

QG group meeting.
Speaker: Dorin Weissman.
Title: "Cubic Vertices for N=1 Supersymmetric Massless Higher Spin Fields in Various Dimensions".


2021年5月6日 (木) 12:15

Stories of the great fanfictions on the 3 Abrahamic religions, their writers, their collisions with the anti-intellectual atmospheres of the day, the role of fear, and the uncanny inflammability of manuscripts.

Speaker: Yasha Neiman.


2021年4月23日 (金) 14:00

Theoretical Physics Seminar.
Speaker: Yasha Neiman (Quantum Gravity).
Title: "Spinor-helicity variables in Yang-Mills theory".


2021年5月24日 (月) 15:00

Language: English


2021年4月20日 (火) 15:30 16:45


Dr.Takemasa Miyoshi

Team Leader, Data Assimilation Research Team, RIKEN Center for Computational Science


2021年5月27日 (木) 13:00 14:00

Sponsored and organized by TDIC


2021年5月27日 (木) 10:00 11:00

Professor Irene Fonseca, Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Phase Transitions in Heterogeneous Media: Equilibria and Geometric Flows


A variational model in the context of the gradient theory for fluid-fluid phase transitions with small scale heterogeneities is studied. In the case where the scale of the small homogeneities is of the same order of the scale governing the phase transition, the interaction between homogenization and the phase transitions process leads to an anisotropic interfacial energy.

The underlying gradient flow provides unconditional convergence results for an Allen-Cahn type bi-stable reaction diffusion equation in a periodic medium. The limiting dynamics are given by an analog for anisotropic mean curvature flow, of the formulation due to Ken Brakke. As an essential ingredient in the analysis, an explicit expression for the effective surface tension, which dictates the limiting anisotropic mean curvature, is obtained.

This is joint work with Riccardo Cristoferi (Radboud University, The Netherlands), Adrian Hagerty, Cristina Popovici, Rustum Choksi (McGill), Jessica Lin (McGill), and Raghavendra Venkatraman (CMU).


2021年5月13日 (木) 10:00 11:00

Professor Giovanni Leoni , Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Some remarks on homogeneous fractional Sobolev spaces