2020年9月1日 (火) 16:00 17:00

TQM unit is pleased to invite you to our seminar!


2020年8月5日 (水) 14:00

Title: The spectrum of Laplacian on moduli space via Liouville theory

Abstract: We are going to discuss the nice talk by Sarah Harrison  on String Math 2020 conference "The spectrum on M_{0,4} via Liouville theory". Slava Lysov will lead the discussion. 


2020年8月18日 (火) 16:00 17:00

TQM unit is pleased to invite you to our zoom seminar!


2020年7月29日 (水) 16:00

Title: Conformal higher spin gauge models in curved background

Speakers: Sergei Kuzenko and Michael Ponds

Abstract: Sergei Kuzenko and Michael Ponds from The University of Western Australia will tell us about conformal higher spin gauge models in curved background. The talk is based on their two recent papers   "Generalised conformal higher-spin fields in curved backgrounds" and  "New locally (super)conformal gauge models in Bach-flat backgrounds"


2020年7月28日 (火) 9:00 10:00

Hosted by: Theory of Quantum Matter unit (Nic Shannon)


2020年8月19日 (水) 10:30 12:00

DNA sequencing section would like to invite you to the following seminar by Dr.Leo Chan. He will introduce Latest Advances in 10x Genomics.
This will be a precious opportunity for you to learn the latest advances in Targeted Gene Expression, Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling v2 with Feature Barcode Technology, and the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution with Immunofluorescence.


2020年7月20日 (月) 14:00

QG group meeting.
Speaker: Yasha Neiman.
Title: "D-branes of higher-spin gravity?"


2020年8月18日 (火) 16:30 17:30

Dr. Arren Bar-Even, Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology


2020年7月30日 (木) 10:30 12:00

Hosted by Mathematics Department, Kyoto University.

Prof. Speyer will give a talk at Lab4 F01 and it will be seen on Zoom.




2020年7月15日 (水) 14:00 16:00

Title:A short review of N=2 SUSY Quantum Mechanics

Abstract: We are going to SUSY Quantum Mechanics. The good review of the subject is a paper by F. Cooper, A. Khare, U. Sukhatme   "Supersymmetry and Quantum Mechanics". Mirian Tsulaia will lead the discussion.