Introducing Technology Transfer Consultation with the EVP

Weekly Open Office Hours with Gil Granot-Mayer, Executive Vice President of Technology Development and Innovation, Starting September 22, 2022

The Technology Development & Innovation Center has opened a weekly consultation service to offer advice and guidance to the OIST research community on technology transfer, intellectual property, patents, entrepreneurship/startups, and the OIST POC Program. The consultation  service is open to all OISTers (i.e including faculty, students, postdocs, and researchers), and is hosted by Gil Granot-Mayer, Executive Vice President (EVP) for Technology Development and Innovation and former Chief Executive Officer of Yeda, the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel (LinkedIn).

This weekly consultation service will benefit those who are interested in the process of commercializing intellectual property, ways to recognize new inventions, raising money for startups, and tips on working collaboratively with industry.

  • How do I develop my project into a marketable product or service?
  • How to fund my potential start-up?
  • How should I approach collaborations with companies?
  • How do I recognize that I’ve invented something?
  • How and why should inventors participate in marketing activities?

We would be glad to meet with you to answer these and other general technology transfer questions. Contact us!

Consultation is available every week and will be listed in the OIST events calendar. To schedule an appointment, please contact Ms. Rina Matsumoto:

Technology Development & Innovation Center