"Manifesto of Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics", Hideki Nakazawa


2017年4月19日 (水) 16:00 17:00


Seminar Room C210 - Ctr Bldg


Can artificial intelligence create and appreciate art for its own sake? Please come join if you are interested in art and/or AI. People outside of OIST are also welcome.

Time:   4-5pm, Wed April 19, 2017
Place:  C210, Level C, Center Building, OIST
Speaker: Hideki Nakazawa(中ザワヒデキ)

Title: Manifesto of Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics



Hideki Nakazawa is a former ophthalmologist who has been exploring the forefront of art and emerging technologies, such as computer graphics and 3D printing.

He was awarded the MMA Artist Prize at Multimedia Grand Prix 1995 and the Encouragement Prize at VOCA 2003, and served as a juror for the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2016.




Kenji Doya

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