OIST-KEIO International Research Summer Camp 2024


2024年7月29日 (月) (All day)2024年8月7日 (水) (All day)


OIST Campus


OIST-KEIO International Research Summer Camp 2024 will be held July 29th-August 7th.
Please welcome KEIO undergraduate medical school students to OIST!


Since 2019, OIST and Keio University have been collaborating in various ways: initially with the School of Medicine, accepting research interns, and hosting a series of showcase talks to learn about each other's research.​ The International Research Summer Camp is planned to be held at OIST for Keio undergraduate medical school students as a part of our efforts to strengthen our educational collaboration. The summer camp is a valuable opportunity for undergraduate medical students to experience hands-on basic research, under the guidance of outstanding researchers from around the world in a global and interdisciplinary environment.


  • Dates:July 29th- August 7th 2024
  • Participants: Keio undergraduate Medical School students
  • Venues:OIST Main Campus

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