OIST-KEIO International Research Summer Camp 2024


Monday, July 29, 2024 (All day) to Wednesday, August 7, 2024 (All day)


OIST Campus


OIST-KEIO International Research Summer Camp 2024 will be held July 29th-August 7th.
Please welcome 20 KEIO undergraduate medical school students to OIST!


Since 2019, OIST and Keio University have been collaborating in various ways: initially with the School of Medicine, accepting research interns, and hosting a series of showcase talks to learn about each other's research.​ The International Research Summer Camp is planned to be held at OIST for Keio undergraduate medical school students as a part of our efforts to strengthen our educational collaboration. The summer camp is a valuable opportunity for undergraduate medical students to experience hands-on basic research, under the guidance of outstanding researchers from around the world in a global and interdisciplinary environment.


  • Dates:July 29th- August 7th 2024
  • Participants: 20 Keio undergraduate Medical School students
  • Venues:OIST Main Campus


Please find detailed and up-to-date program from here.

Participating Units


  • Reading and Writing Scientific Papers by Dr. Christine Luscombe
  • Research Ethics by Dr. Gail Tripp
  • Cell Division & its Impact on Cancer and Developmental Diseases by Dr. Midori Ota
  • Gender Diversity by Drs. Gail tripp and Christine Luscombe
  • Presentation Tips by Dr. Jonas Ficher
  • English Class by Mr. Justin Sutherland

Event open to OISTers

Uchina-guchi (Okinawan Traditinal Language) Workshop

July 29th (Mon) 16:30~17:30 @TBD  *Registration required*

Register here

OIST Teatime

August 1st (Thu) 16:00~17:00 @Yuntaku

OIST-KEIO Sunser Social

August 2nd (Fri) 17:30~19:30 @Grass pond and Outer tunnel

There will be food trucks, live musics, outdoor games and many more! Details will be announced later. Please come and meet the Summer Campers!

Campers' information

Meet us here!


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