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2023年7月25日 (火) 10:002023年7月27日 (木) 17:00

In the last few decades, the notion of Integrable systems and Chaos, both classical and quantum, have seen immense developments. Fuelled by a flurry of scientific inter-community dialogues, these ideas have turned out to be universally useful in a wide spectrum of theoretical studies, from worldsheet string sigma models, to black holes and holography, and further into real experimental systems. Numerous interesting connections between these seemingly disparate research areas are developing, promising to shed light on important open questions. We hope to further fuel these dialogues by inviting people from different fields using state-of-the-art tools to explore these exciting ideas. 


2023年4月21日 (金) 9:00 17:00

One day French-Japanese Seminar on “Metaverse and Virtual Reality - The Science and Technology of Interacting with Digital Worlds” including a public lecture and Lab tours in the evening



2023年3月17日 (金) 14:30

The workshop will take place on March 17th at 14:30 GMT+9 in Lab4, room L4E45 and online via Zoom:


Please, review the workshop program and talks.


Registration is now open!



2023年8月7日 (月) 9:002023年8月9日 (水) 17:00

This 6th workshop is a continuation of the previous workshop in a series. This workshop discuss the modularity and duality, geometric group, cohomological theory, singularity theory, and knot theory. All talks on the black board are expected. The online participation of Zoom will be possible by the registration in advance.


2023年2月7日 (火) 10:002023年2月9日 (木) 12:00

Mini Course: Particle Tracking Simulation using Ocean Parcels


2023年2月6日 (月) 9:002023年2月10日 (金) 17:00

Internal and External workshop


2022年12月1日 (木) (All day)

Neural Computation Unit will hold  an OIST / Humanoids 2022 joint workshop at Auditorium. If you are interested in joining, please register.


2022年12月17日 (土) (All day)

Neural Computation Unit will hold a retreat/reunion at OIST seaside house. If you are interested in joining, pleaese contact


2022年11月25日 (金) 13:00 17:35

Workshop on Life Mind Continuity

The aim: We attempt to deepen understanding of mind through discussions of various issues including life mind continuity, theory of mind, embodied mind, phenomenal consciousness, alife and artificial intelligence.


Date: 1pm - 5:35pm, November 25th, 2022

Location: Room1, OIST Conference Center

Organized by Kazuo Okanoya, Takashi Ikegami, and Jun Tani


2022年11月9日 (水) 9:002022年11月11日 (金) 18:00

"Silver Workshop V: Complex Geometry and related topics" Workshop
2022. Language: English (no interpretation). Target audience: Invited