Scientific entrepreneurship - Panel Discussion


Monday, July 5, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:00




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What inspires people to start their own company? Why do post-docs transition to becoming entrepreneurs? What are the highs, the lows, and how are researchers suited to entrepreneurship? If you are interested in these questions and more, then please come to this panel talk where 3 founders will discuss their thoughts and experiences on starting their own companies.

This session is open to all members of OIST.

The facilitator will ask a few questions to get the discussion going, after that you are welcome to ask  your own questions.

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Sam Chapman Chief Innovation Officer, Founder, Director, The Floow Limited, (UK)

Sam is accountable for science, data analysis, research and innovation at Floow.Sam has a keen interest in applying new architectures, approaches and technology for insurance telematic solutions. He is also active in the research fields of traffic management, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, driver behaviour and vehicle emissions and he is a graduate of the University of Sheffield, where he achieved BEng, MSc (res) and a PhD in Large Scale Information Integration. Sam is honest that the road of the entrepreneur can be a long and arduous one but is adamant that you shouldn’t simply do a job for the money. "If you want to be an entrepreneur, don’t do it for the money, do it for the interest. Do it for the excitement, and find every day a challenge. Find the niches that invigorate you and that you take great interest in and other people find appealing. As soon as you do that, you find something that is unique, something that has value to other people and that’s where you build a market and unique proposition that creates a world for yourself that is amazing."

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Rebecca Love, Co-founder at Vira Health (UK)

Rebecca started Vira Health after finishing her PhD in behavioural epidemiology at Cambridge on inequalities in children’s physical activity and interventions. During her PhD she realised that an academic career was not for her. “I am keen to be as close to the people I’m trying to help as possible. I am also too impatient for the long publication cycles,” she said. She spent time working in public policy for the Mayor of London, World Health Organisation and UNICEF, before deciding to start a company. 

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Daniel Maggs, CEO @ Bisu (Japan)

Daniel Maggs is CEO and Co-Founder of Bisu, a startup making a home health lab for personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice, using microfluidic technology. A health and fitness enthusiast, Daniel started Bisu after working as a corporate lawyer, tech banker and product manager. He works between Tokyo and the US and is fluent in Japanese. Daniel received a BA in Japanese Studies from Cambridge University and an LLB in Law from the College of Law. 

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Rachel Carey, Chief Scientist, Zinc (UK)

Rachel is Chief Scientist at Zinc, a start-up that helps build new companies to tackle important social issues, and she is also an Associate of University College London's Centre for Behaviour Change. Rachel is a behavioural scientist with a PhD in Psychology, and a passion for research translation and innovation. She has specific expertise in digital health, behaviour change, transport psychology, and communication science.

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