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We organize various workshops or activities in reaching out science education to high school and middle school students to gain a deeper understanding of science and its application.

Fieldwork trips to local farm to learn about measures to prevent red soil runoff.

SHIMA: Okinawa-Hawaii STEM Education Collaborative 2021

Date 17th - 25th July 2021
Participants Okinawan High School students
No. of participants 13 (High School year 2 and 3)
Workshop theme Okinawa and Hawaii have similar socio-political backgrounds and governance histories, and their influence remains strong today. Both countries have a rich heritage that has been passed down since ancient times and have cultural practices that are strongly linked to natural resource management. The workshop promotes cross-cultural learning focusing on traditional methods of managing natural resources.
OIST volunteer members Yoshikatsu Nakano - Research Support Leader
Koki Nishitsuji - Staff Scientist
Ayşe Haruka Oshima Açıkbaş - PhD student
Zohreh Shahrabifarahani - PhD student
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17th July
18th July
22nd July
23rd July
25th July
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Workshop schedule

Date Lecture Title
17th July 2021
  • Lecture I and fieldwork - Coral reef conservation in Onna village from the land
    (Ryo Kirino - Onna Village Red Soil Outflow Prevention Measures Regional Council)
18th June 2021
  • Online Session with participants from Hawaii
  • Lecture II - Regional economic development under environmental change
    (Yoshikatsu Nakano - Marine Science Section, OIST)
  • Lecture III - Learn about seaweed biology
    (Hiromi Yamamoto - Science Communicator)
    (Yoshito Iwanaga - Okinawa Environmental Analysis Center)
  • Lecture IV - STEAM program on seaweed
    (Hiromi Kinjo - Hawaiian Hula Studio Charming Tiara)
22nd July 2021
  • Lecture V and fieldwork - Sustainable marine culture (seaweed farming) in Okinawa
    (Masami Yamashiro - Onna Village Churaumi Nurturing Society)
  • Lecture VI - Scientific research contributing to the development of seaweed aquaculture
    (Koki Nishitsuji - Marine Genomics Unit, OIST)
23rd July 2021
  • Preparation for information exchange presentation between Okinawa and Hawaii
    (Ayşe Haruka Oshima Açıkbaş - OIST PhD student)
    (Zohreh Shahrabifarahani - OIST PhD student)
25th July 2021
  • Okinawa-Hawaii Final Presentation

SHIMA: Okinawa-Hawaii STEM Education Collaborative 2021 from OIST on Vimeo.



Participants of HiSci Lab with OIST staff at Gishippu island during low tide.

HiSci Lab 2021

Date 27th February and 13th March 2021
Participants Okinawan female students
No. of participants 11 (Middle and High School)
Workshop theme Encouraging Okinawan female high school students to choose a career in science.
OIST volunteer members Yumiko Akamine (Research Unit Technician)
Yumiko Masukagami (Research Unit Technician)
Erina Kawai (Research Unit Technician)
Ai Takahashi (Research Support Technician)
Aditi Pophale (PhD student)
Otis Brunner (PhD student)
Michael Izumiyama (PhD student)
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Workshop schedule

Date Lecture Title
27th February 2021
  • Online pre-workshop
  • Lecture I - Okinawa and Hawaii connected by starry sky
    (Yuko Kakazu - Subaru Telescope, NAOJ Hawaii Observatory)
13th March 2021

HiSci Lab 2021 from OIST on Vimeo.

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