Science Education Outreach

We organize various workshops or activities in reaching out science education to high school and middle school students to gain a deeper understanding of science and its application. This is also to foster students’ interests and consideration to pursue a future career in science.

Our Programs

HiSci Lab

The "Science Project for Ryukyu Girls Science Camp" that began in 2014 was re-named "HiSci Lab" in 2020. This project is to support the advancement of women into the STEM field by encouraging female high school students in Okinawa Prefecture to continue their education in STEM. "Hi-Sci" is abbreviated from "High school" + "Science". It is pronounced like Okinawan way of saying “hello” - "Haisai".
Female researchers will have the opportunity to pass on knowledge and convey the joys of science. In addition to lectures, students will have the opportunity to learn through workshops with PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at OIST.


SHIMA is an outreach project that involves islands in Japan and around the world (all of which are collectively referred to as SHIMA) to educate people about the sustainability of island ecosystems and cultures. The concept of SHIMA is based on four interrelated pillars: science education outreach activities, OIST students, neighboring communities, and the connection between the mountains and the sea. It is a workshop for high school students addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and island sustainability.

shima: island in Japanese language

Science Education Outreach School Visit

We visit or receive visitation from high school students at designated schools focusing on Sciences (Super Science Highschool) to outreach science education. The program includes science classes and experiences by professors, researchers, or OIST PhD students to deepen the students' interests in science and their awareness of OIST.

Unna Junior High School Science Club

OIST and Unna Junior High School worked together to start Science Club at the school. The Science Club was established in October 2021.

Past Programs

  • HiSci Lab 2021 (2021.3)
  • Science Education Outreach School Visit
    • Koyo High School (Okinawa Prefecture)
    • Kyuyo High School (Okinawa Prefecture)
    • Naha Kokusai High School (Okinawa Prefecture)
    • Okinawa Amicus International (Okinawa Prefecture)
    • Unna Junior High School (Okinawa Prefecture)


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Science education outreach activities at OIST are supported by OIST Foundation and OIST Institutional Development Office in Inspiring the Next Generation.