Scientific Imaging Section

What we offer:


  • One picture says more than a thousand words. 

    This describes the power of an image and hence the potential of imaging. Our mission is to promote imaging in science, to stay at the edge of the developments in imaging and to share our knowledge and skills with the scientific community of OIST.

We offer:

  • Training of our instruments

  • Providing access to the instruments and on-site support

  • Consultation on sample preparation and optimal choice of instrument and imaging conditions.

  • Scientific supervision of user, data analysis and interpretation

  • Scientific collaboration: setting up experiments, doing experiments, analysing experiments

  • Contributing in project setup including grant application

Service Flow:

Gallery of the instrument:

General Guidelines for the COVID-19

Room Permission:

Acknowledgement and co-authorship:

  • In all publications where results were acquired at IMG the Imaging Section must be acknowledged including the name of the IMG member involved.

  • Suggested template: ‘We thank the OIST Imaging Section for providing access to xxx and for support’.

  • When members of IMG are supervising users and / or contributing to the interpretation of the results or when they are doing experiments that lead to the publication or are involved in the experimental setup, project setup or scientific collaborations they must be co-authors.

How to contact us:

  • Please send all the enquiry to  ← request form