Educational Outreach Program

Give today. Support science for a better future.

OIST offers a variety of outreach projects to extend educational opportunities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) to Okinawan elementary and high school students. Most of the projects are possible only with extramural funds from the Okinawa prefectural government and private donations. Your donation will enable OIST to introduce the excitement of sciences to Okinawan youth and help them to explore new learning and growth opportunities as the world we live in is being transformed by science and technology.

Learn about the impact of these projects from the videos below.

List of outreach projects

Children’s School of Science • HiSci Lab • OIST Science FestivalOKEON (Okinawa Environmental Observation Network) • Okinawa Science Mentoring ProgramSCORE! (Science in Okinawa: Research for Enterprise) • Local school visits in Okinawa and remote islands • UMI (University Marine Initiative) • SHIMA (Island Sustainability)

OIST brings together top-notch researchers from around the world to conduct cutting-edge research. Its contribution to the Okinawan community is extremely valuable and meaningful. OIST's activities to conserve the natural environment of Okinawa and to support career development for future female scientists are particularly remarkable, and we are pleased to make contributions to them.

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