SHIMA is an outreach project that involves islands in Japan and around the world (all of which are collectively referred to as SHIMA) to educate people about the sustainability of island ecosystems and cultures. The concept of SHIMA is based on four interrelated pillars: science education outreach activities, OIST students, neighboring communities, and the connection between the mountains and the sea. It is a workshop for high school students addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and island sustainability.

shima: island in Japanese language

Past SHIMA Theme

SHIMA: Okinawa-Hawaii STEM Education Collaborative 2021

SHIMA: Okinawa-Hawaii STEM Education Collaborative is a joint STEM education workshop between Okinawa and Hawaii. In this workshop, Okinawa and Hawaii high school students attended numerous seminar and hands-on activities by professors, postdoctoral researchers, experts inside and outside of OIST involved in agriculture, forestry and fisheries rooted in the community.



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