STEM Education Bridges OIST and Okinawan Community

9 September 2020

In 2018, when Robert “Bob” Nakasone was appointed to OIST’s Board of Councilors, he asked OIST leaders a very specific question:

“What has OIST been doing to promote STEM education in the community?”

How OIST and Concerned Citizens Are Working Together to Combat COVID-19

“My help might not be worth much…but I would like to cooperate with you to overcome this situation.” These are the words Donor Nakamura included with her gift to OIST’s COVID-19 Response Fund when it launched in the spring. Since then, many others have contributed in recognition that OIST’s work — from innovative mathematical modeling to 3D printing of face shields to antibody testing — is leading the way to benefit the health of Okinawans and people around the world.