Japanese Language Instructors

Sachiko Segawa

みなさん、こんにちは。瀨川さち子(せがわ さちこ)です。沖縄に来る前は香港に住んでいました。外国で生活するのは、大変なこともありますが、それ以上に新しい発見や感動も多いですね。日本語を学んだら、出会いのチャンスが増え、世界が広がると思います。皆さんが沖縄で感じたこと、体験したことを、日本語で話して聞かせてくださいね。

Hello, everyone. My name is Sachiko Segawa. I lived in Hong Kong before coming to Okinawa. Living overseas can be hard sometimes, but it can lead more new discoveries and excitement. I am sure if you learn Japanese, you will get more opportunities for meeting new people and your world will probably expand.  Please talk to me about what you have felt and experienced in Okinawa in Japanese!

Fumie Yasuda-Rehnberg



Hello everyone! My name is Fumie Yasuda Rehnberg. I had been living in UK before coming to Okinawa. I am excited to get to know people and learn about new ideas.

OIST is an exciting place full of stuff to do. For those of you who choose to study Japanese, I would like to make our class a fun place to learn Japanese together. Please say `こんにちは` when you see me!

Naomi Kuroda

こんにちは!黒田直美(くろだ なおみ)と申します。埼玉県出身です。OISTに来る前は、秋田県と中米のニカラグアにいました。人と海と温泉とおいしい食べものを探すことが大好きです。体は小さいですが、見かけによらずよく食べます。


Hello, everyone!  My name is Naomi Kuroda.  I’m from Saitama prefecture and lived in Akita and Nicaragua before coming to OIST.  I like people, the beautiful ocean, hot springs and looking for yummy food.  I am tiny but am quite a big eater. 

Language learning broadens your horizons and always gives you new insights, but having fun is essential to keep learning as well.  I hope the Japanese language and culture enrich your daily and research life in Okinawa even more than now.  So let’s have fun learning Japanese together!