English Language Instructors

Margaret Howell

Originally from the United States, Margaret Howell lived and taught English in three different countries before coming to Japan in 2015. She has taught in the US, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Japan, working with students from 5-year-old kindergarteners up to 75-year-old retirees and everyone in between: schoolchildren, university students, graduate students, factory workers, call-center employees, administrators, and even high-level executives. She has a passion for languages and culture, and has designed and facilitated intercultural trainings for universities in the US and in Ukraine. Margaret has a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, a Master’s in Intercultural Communication, and a TESOL certificate.

Justin Foster Sutherland

Originally from South Africa, Justin Foster-Sutherland has been teaching English in Japan for nine years. He has taught at some local schools in Okinawa, including Kaiho high school where he taught Cross Cultural Understanding and an introduction to academic writing. He has taught junior high school students, Congolese refugees and even some retired folk. As a member of the Japanese Association of Language Teachers and program chair in Okinawa, he is quite involved in many areas of English language education on the island. He graduated from WITS university in South Africa (the same university as Nelson Mandela) with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Since then he has completed his post graduate certificate in teaching English for Academic Purposes and holds a Cambridge CELTA certificate.